How to build a business like the world’s richest man?

Focus is what it takes to establish an empire and take yourself to the point you’ve ever wished for or dreamt of. There exist enormous businesses, start-ups being a major chunk, which keep on hustle and tussle to remark their existence in the world. Building a vision and knowing the purpose to do something is […]

10 Signs That You are Boss’s Favourite Employee

ARE YOU VALUED BY THE BOSS? Being your boss’s favorite is well in the work place but there persist a fine gap between the bosses who applause the employees work and certify them with good projects and the bosses who favor that employee to the prejudice of others. Here are few reminders that can let […]

How to Avoid Counterfeit Products – 10 Practical Tips

LITTLE WAYS TO PREVENT YOURSELF FROM USNIG A FAKE PRODUCT Bogus websites When shopping online, the user must be aware of any kind of websites that are bogus as one can easily fall prey to these kind of websites. One must check the URL. You can also have the confirmity of the site by searching […]

4 mistakes to be avoided while investing in Mutual Funds

People in India are slowly turning towards the increasing trend investment in Mutual funds. Still they are not yet enough informative about it. So, there is a need of a proper awareness program because most of the people’s Mutual fund investment plans are associated with myths and many such sentiments. Also, it needs to be […]

How to File Your Income Tax Return

How to be your own CA for filing Income Tax Return? Filing of Income Tax Return is a sign that you are a responsible citizen of the Country. Individuals who earn income above the specified amount of limit must file a tax return on annual basis within a predetermined due date. According to Government, filing […]

How to stay relevant to your employer ?

A continuous strive and thrive at workplace has become a need of an hour. Individuals must keep a pace and it shouldn’t just be bounded by their experience, credibility or skills but an accessible approach to work dynamics helps in evolving and boosts the performance of an individual. Now when you’ve got the job, you […]


Every generation sees a revolution that changes the way we work, sleep,think. We are lucky to witness a life changing revolution called NET and GOOGLE is the father on it.Just think about 10 years back, how we use to communicate with persons in other cities, other countries. We use to write letters, post them and […]

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