How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 weeks without exercises

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How to lose weight Naturally, without any medicines or visiting a Gym? how to lose weight fast without exercises? Don’t worry. The solution is there for your queries and I will share here all the secret tips with which I have been able to maintain my body weight and BMR in perfect range from last 25 years.

I am a 43 years young chap. My height is 5’8″ and current weight is 71Kgs. It has never crossed 75kgs on the higher side except once when I was doing body-building around 20 years back. At that time it touched 77-78 kgs due to muscle gain. On the lower side it has never gone below 70 kgs except once just a couple of months back when I was training under respected Commando Mr. Puneet Sharma’s guidance. That time it touched 68kgs. After finishing the training modules, I altered my diet plan and again regained 3 kgs in last 3 months.

I have been following a few pointers which has helped me to maintain my weight and keep myself totally fit, hyper active and athletic. I will share all my experience here and pray that it will work for you as well.

Rule No. 1 is OUTPUT > INPUT

This rule is the essence of your weight management challenge. I teach economics so I derived this rule from one of its laws. In this rule, OUTPUT means your Calorie Expenditure or Physical Activity and INPUT means your Calorie Consumption or the food(calorie) you eat.

Let’s understand the law

Now this rule states that Output should be greater than Input. Which means that your calorie consumption should be less than your calorie expenditure. For example, if you have eaten 2000 calories then you should do that much physical activity with which you are able to spend more than 2000 calories.

See the Calorie Chart

In the beginning you have to look at a calorie chart to find out how many calories are packed in the food you are eating. Like a Samosa may have up to 200 calories and Pizza may pack around 400 or more depending upon its size.

Activity chart with Calorie expenditure

On the other hand, you have to make a list of the tentative amount of calories you can burn with a various routine physical activities during the day. For example, taking standard time of 30 minutes for each activity – you can burn around 200 calories by dancing actively or 350 calories by running, 300 calories by swimming casually, 400 calories by swimming actively, 150 calories by walking.

A Practical Example Now –

If you have eaten a Samosa (200 calories) then to follow my above rule you have to do running for half an hour (350 calories). This way, you will spend all the calories you gained from that samosa plus you will also use the excess calories already stored in your body (from previous eating adventures) by way of burning the body fat. Here, you forced your body to burn the body fat to cover up the deficit. When the body fat starts burning, your belly size will reduce automatically.

A word of Caution Though…

This is a highly effective and time tested rule which I am following from last 25 years and still enjoying it but you have to take care that your body gets proper dose of all the essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals including little bit of salt. You have to cut the calories and not the nutrients. A multi vitamin supplement (Bournvita, Horlicks, Revital capsules etc.) can be added to your diet as per the requirement.

Why this Stupid Rule?

When I share this rule with people I meet, they often react in strange way as if I have committed a crime by formulating this rule. Though I believe, this is nothing new what I have created. This is an age old principle which I have termed as per my terminology for easy understanding.

I have formulated this rule because I am very foody and I have a sweet tooth. I just can’t resist the temptation to eat cakes, cookies, chocolates, halwa, gulab jamun, jalebi, etc. etc. secondly, in India, you know the festive celebrations are incomplete without sweet dishes and grand prasadams or langars which we all are so fond of. Thirdly, Marriages in India celebrate the occasion with so so many dishes & varieties of sweets that you can’t resit the delicacies and all your new year resolution of not touching gulab jamuns just wade away and then the result is weight gain. So, I thought why to stop eating what I love. Instead, I should make such a rule which gives me freedom to follow my heart while eating but equally directs my brain to spend more calories than what I have consumed.

So, following this rule I am able to relish Paner lababdaar & dal makhni in my dinner to the fullest, savoir the jalebis or gulab jamuns, enjoy the super tasty ice cream and then walk for next 2 hours to spend all the calories I just consumed before going to sleep.

Hisaab Baraabar !!

How many calories should i eat?

It all depends upon your activity schedule and nature. I will not suggest that you over-starve your body. Even if your goal is to reduce weight, then also you should keep the calorie supply from external sources intact so that your body doesn’t start to forcefully store the calories. This happens when your body gets this signal that the supply of calories has decreased drastically, then it starts to store fat for future use thinking that this deficit can continue further also. This way your goal of losing weight fast can be ruined by your own body mechanism. Keep eating the calories but keep it less than your daily requirement. As an average, you keep it around 1500 for extreme weight loss & around 2000 for normal weight loss. Still, I will say you have to decide your own intake level according to your body type and activity level.

Rule No. 2 is – PARTYING should be followed by FASTING

This rule is a true ice-breaker. This is one of the most important principle or rule if you ask how to lose weight fast at home? It is because one of the most ignored fact among the Indians is the after effect of ruthless eating at parties. Be it a birthday party or a wedding, we eat without pulling any breaks whatsoever as if this the end of the world and we might not get anything the next morning. There are so many delicious and lip smacking dishes being offered to us that even if we just taste all the dishes, we end up eating double the normal meal quantity.

The real problem arises when we eat as per our normal schedule the next day. Though we made our body a dumping bin the previous night by eating in excess, still the next day we are filling our stomach like zombies, without giving a single thought. Our body requires time to digest and adjust all the garbage we ate at the party so if we help it a little the next day, it will surely help us to maintain our health to great extent.

As I already told you that I am foody, particularly for sweets, and at weddings or birthday parties I make sure no sweets is left without me tasting it. So, to overcome the ill effect of this bad habit of mine, I made this rule of FASTING after PARTYING.

According to this rule, the next day after partying, I skip at least one meal of that day, and most probably I skip the breakfast.

Ya, I know, you have always read that breakfast is the most important meal and it should not be skipped.

It may be true but only in normal circumstances and right now we are talking about something abnormal. right? Normally, we eat a light dinner, so in the morning it is advisable to have a nutritious breakfast.

But when we have over filled our stomach while dining at the wedding function, breakfast becomes an option which can be skipped. Now it’s not a necessity. Skipping the breakfast will help our body to finish the overnight task of digesting the dinner which will take much longer time than normal. Further, since the pre-lunch period is quite active or hectic for most of us, we will be burning more & more calories during that period. It will ensure that less calories gets deposited in our body.

Why skipping the breakfast is the only best option?

It is the best option for this part-time fasting rule is because only then your body will get the maximum number of hours to digest the previous night’s dinner. Suppose you ate at 11pm at the party and the next day, you will directly have your lunch at 2pm, then it means you will fast for around 15 hours which is more than half-day. Isn’t it great?

During this time, you have to drink plenty of water to help the body in flushing out the toxins, cleaning the small intestine and helping in the smooth functioning of the bowel movement.

If you choose so, you can also skip your lunch instead of breakfast. But in this case, try to have a very light breakfast – poha, corn flakes, upma, tea, plain roti or bread of your choice. Say no to paranthas, butter filled bread toasts, omelets, eggs etc. In the lunch, you can eat apples, oranges, papaya, cucumber, reddish, carrot, pear, pomegranate etc. Fresh fruits or salad helps in nourishing your body and providing fiber as well. It helps in the detoxification of your body to a great extent. Have a light dinner with no fried food or paranthas. Plain chapati with subzi or dal, a little steamed rice and no pickle.

There are some people who can’t tolerate hunger. They can’t keep their stomach empty for long. For such people, the above mentioned meal combo will be a morale booster because they will not be skipping any meal. Just altering the meal plan will also give the desired results.

Rule No. 3 – Don’t Use Escalators; Use Stairs Instead

Escalators are everywhere now. At malls, metro stations, cinemas, airports, railway stations etc. Though Escalators are meant for comfort but you should avoid it if you want to lose your weight because instead of escalators if you will use stairs, you will cut loose a lot more calories and more over provide your body a natural exercise.

Don’t climb the stairs too fast. Be slow, keep one step after another firmly and keep breathing deeply. Enjoy the climb and let your body enjoy it too. You will get a sense of positive energy filling up your mind because you know the target you want to achieve and this is your quest to reach that in two weeks.

Rule No. 4 – Use Stairs in High Rise Buildings up to 8th Floor

I have made this rule not to use Lifts up to 8th floor. I climb the stairs slowly and steadily. I do take pauses in between if I feel the fatigue in my thighs but that fatigue or pain is very sweet. Again I will repeat, you have not to climb the stairs too fast. Take it slow. Keep breathing deeply to maintain adequate supply of oxygen to your body. If you feel breathless, then stop for a minute and take deep breaths. You can sit also to relax a bit but the fight has to continue. This is the challenge which not everybody is able to overcome. You are a warrior and you will surely lose weight in 2 weeks by being tough with your body.

**more to come………

Rule No. 5 is – Make changes in your Diet for Weight Loss

This is also one of the most asked question by the people who are trying to reduce their weight – Diet for weight loss. As my formula (mentioned above) is totally based on ‘what you eat & how you spend it’, it becomes very important to keep a check on your diet so that you are not over-burdening your body. If you are able to cut the calories from your diet, your body will get a chance to burn the existing pile of fat layers already stored in your body. So diet for weight loss plan should include more of green leafy vegetables, nuts and clear soups. Let’s have a look:-

1. Leafy Greens

Spinach, kale, Collards, Swiss chard etc are the items that come in  category of Leafy Greens. These vegetables are loaded with huge amounts of fiber and are low in calories and carbohydrates. All these properties make this food perfect for a weight loss diet. Adding leafy greens in your diet is a perfect way to increase the quantity of your meal without increasing lots of calories. They are also very rich in vitamins and incredibly nutritious and according to studies, Leafy greens is not only perfect for losing weight but also perfect for other body parts like for eyes and many more, which means we get dual benefits just by adding these into our meal chart.

2. TUNA 

Tuna is high in protein and also comes in low calorie food. It  comes in the category of “lean fish” which means it is “low in fat”. Tuna is also very popular among fitness freak people and bodybuilders, these are the people who wants to increase their protein intake in their meal, keeping low fat in the food. If you’re willing to increase the intake of protein in your food take tuna canned in water, not oil. This fish is really helpful in losing weight and for those people who are going to bodybuilding line. It’s a perfect replacement for other expensive protein powders.

3. Soups 

As people eat lots of healthy food to reduce their weight but at one point they think it will increase calories in their food, so you can just have soup with the  same vegetables which is a perfect mixture of vegetables plus water. Soup is really effective for reducing weight and people can have it without any kind of second thought, but point to remember is if you’re having soup.. do not add cream and coconut milk in it as it is high in fat content and can increase the calories in food. Those people who ask me how to lose weight fast at home without exercise – I tell them to increase the frequency of soups in their diet and cut other food items like chapati, dal, bread etc.

4. Avocados

Avocados are sort of different fruit as compared to others the reason behind it is Avacados are loaded with healthy fats while other fruits are high in carbs.
They are rich in monounsaturated oleic acid, the same acid is found in olive oil and despite of fats, avocados also have lots of fiber and water and they also have other nutrients including fiber and potassium by this they’re just perfect to have with your vegetables salads and it will really help you to lose weight. It’s also recommend by the fitness experts.

5. Nuts

Despite being high in fat, they are not that much fattening as people would expect. They’re consindered a perfect snacks which have balanced amount of fibers, proteins and healthy fats. The scientist researches also shows that by having *Nuts* they improves our metabolic system and helps in losing weight. Studies also show that the people who eats nuts have a healthier lifestyle than other who don’t. So you can have nuts for reducing your weight but don’t eat excess of nuts as they are still high in calories, It will really help you if you take in right quantity.

Rule No. 6 is – Observe Fasting Once Every 15 Days

Our elders follow this habit of keeping fast – may be Ekadashi, Monday Fast or Friday fast etc. The vedic philosophy or logic behind fasting, in my view, is that when we observe fasting we should not waste time in eating rather we should spend that time in chanting the holy name of God.

Health wise it has been proved on ample occasions that for weight loss fasting is quite helpful. Though, you can’t observe immediate good effects but if you remain consistent in fasting, you will get good results gradually.

Benefits of Fasting

(( Click above to read more about the benefits of Fasting ))

Fasting is observed with utmost devotion in our religious scriptures and it is being followed with the same energy by our elders even today also. It is because of the age old well proved fact that fasting has lots and lots of health benefits as well as devotional gains.

Many people are afraid of fasting because they find it difficult to remain empty stomach for long. My friends, don’t misunderstand it like this. Who says you can’t eat anything during the fast.

You choose to eat only fruits or eat only one meal any time during the fasting day. It’s your choice. Normally, eating fruits and salad is the best option because it hydrates your body as well and it is nutritious also so our body gets ample nutrition.

Weight Loss through Intermittent Fasting

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How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 weeks without exercises

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