How to Reduce Weight

Losing weight can either be the most difficult or the easiest feat to achieve depending upon your level of commitment to the task. Besides all the meticulous dieting and rigorous workout routine, your ability to shed some gains boils down to your dedication to get your life together. We all have different intentions and ideas that compel us to hit the gym or start a diet, it could be a fear of the 9 to 5 job ruining your active lifestyle or your inability to live your life to the fullest because of certain health issues. Whatever the reason, taking care of your body and your mind is essential and should be considered our first and foremost responsibility to ourselves. After all, our bodies are our homes and it makes sense to keep our homes clean, organised and healthy. 

There are three main factors to take into account if you are planning on getting shredded: dieting, exercising, and self-acknowledgement. Combine these three and you would be getting those kilos off in no time.


The word diet seems to repel a lot of people owing to the popular belief that you can’t eat anything tasty during it. Dieting does not have to mean abandoning your taste buds and living on salads. There are plenty of nutritious foods out there that you can enjoy while dieting. First of all, you have to choose your plan, the kind of diet you would be comfortable with. You will be required to eat 300-500 calories less than your daily requirement. Make sure you are including protein and fibre rich food in your diet. Balance out the carbs and fat and keep a track of your daily calorie intake. That is basically all there is to dieting. With some planning and discipline, you will be seeing the results in no time and that will motivate you to continue.


It does not have to be strenuous training at first, but you should predispose yourself to work out. Whether you hit the gym, indulge in outdoor games or do cardio, as long as you are keeping your body moving and athletic, you are going to be burning the fat off your body and getting in shape. Besides physical activities also engages your whole core which ultimately helps you to be energetic and in control. Training your body every week will also infuse a sense of confidence, help you get rid of the stress, and promote good health in you.

Love Yourself

In order to make the best of what you have, you need to acknowledge and be thankful for what you have. It is your body and you are given a whole life to do whatever you want with it. Once you have gotten sure of yourself, strive to be better every single day. Remember, your competition is nobody else but you. If you stagnate and don’t take control, you would end up with a lot of plans but no action. Learn to take control, learn to love yourself and strive for growth.

How to Reduce Weight

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