10 Exciting Features of Android Version 10

Android version 10

Google has officially changed its Android Q name to Android version 10, since Android has recently turned 10. The Android 10 beta was introduced earlier this month, although it is not too late now when it is to be officially launched. Android 10 has given more attention to your devices’ privacy. Apart from this, you are going to see many changes in its UI (User Interface) as well. Let’s now have a look at the top 10 Exciting Features of Android Version 10, which you will definitely want to have your hands on.

    Considered to be one of the best and popular features that you are going to see in Android 10. The feature of dark mode has been implemented by Google in almost all its applications. Now it is going to be included in Android 10 as a system-wide and you will be free to switch the mode in either of the applications or the complete interface.
    Google has worked tremendously to ease the work and that’s the reason that it has enabled and used a line, as smart menu, in Android version 10, which you can swipe and use to go back to the home page. The swipe is not confined to one function but gives you the control to use it as a multitasking menu. This feature also indicates that the back button is going to be removed from Google devices, and it seems like Google is going to get and adopt menus of its competitor-Apple devices.
    Considering its userbase, Google is becoming more sensitive about its length and breadth. You are going to have real-time captions of what you are doing on your phone through live captions. Sources have claimed that your device does not even need internet for the functioning of live-caption, making it to be the best thing on an android device, when a feature is enabled and works offline too.
    Android’s sharing menu is an important part of its UI. Users have claimed it to be slow to load, and as it is, it does not make it feel good. Google has tried to eliminate this problem in Android version 10. The stock UI on Android 10 has the same load capacity. Though sharing shortcuts are expected to be launched in the upcoming version and it might change the perception of its audience.
    Privacy was never considered to be important and serious concern until now. It’s the time when Google is realizing that privacy of an individual matters, and it is important for security from apps and services. It is an unfortunate fact that android is truly exposed to compromising security level and any user can access your information due to its poor integrity and synchronisation. The raised concern is finally be heard and you are going to get a lot in Android 10 including several security patches to provide an ultimate android experience.
    Google has decided to play with colors and wants you to participate equally. By default, you now see Google’s Android UI in blue. However, Android version 10 comes with many options, with which you can change your devices’ theme. New Android allow its users to change its interface color as per choice i.e. Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Ocean, Space and Orchid colors. However, it is also possible that you may not get to see all this in the final version.
    Although the feature is not new to the users but it is confined to the device and was not seen in Android yet. However, in Android version 10, you are going to get the feature of screen recording irrespective of the device you are using. The feature might have to be enabled in the developer settings and the verdict is in favour for now.
    Users will get a completely new native desktop mode in Android version 10, which is something that we have seen and experienced in Samsung devices. The mode works as soon as you connect your phone to an external monitor, switching the same desktop mode in your phone. It is going to be very interesting to watch and experience the feature system-wide.
    You all have been in situations where you don’t remember Wi-Fi password. Android 10 assist in saving the time when you no longer need to scrape your hair to remember it. Android version 10 is developed with a feature which lets you to share Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code. Devices scanned for once will be automatically connected in future whenever the device falls in the range. However, to get a QR code, you have to go through a biometric security.
    Rumours of the functioning have been around since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, that how these devices will be mated with the android and it is believed that Android version 10 has come up with a solution to foldable phones, providing rich user experience through its compatible interface and the Android 10 might include some adaptive features to produce an amazing fusion of software and hardware simultaneously.
10 Exciting Features of Android Version 10

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