10 Most Popular Adventure Malls in Dubai

A city beyond time. Dubai is referred as the Capital of the United Arab Emirates and as a matter of fact, it is indeed the largest city amongst the seven emirates which shape the country. From a small desert-village to a developed city of skyscrapers, Dubai has made its way ahead of time. The city is a perfect blend of Designed vision and rooted traditions.

As known today for its luxurious lifestyle, scenic nightlife and futuristic infrastructure, the city is capable of alluring travellers around the world. In fact, the city’s economy is being driven by the real estate and tourism. Making a point that every four out of five persons are foreigners who contribute to the city of life.

Considering the pace at which Dubai has engaged and managed to offer the big lifestyles to its mankind, it won’t be wrong to refer the city as one of the biggest shopping hubs in the world, since people in the place have their best interest in the sport, known as shopping. Visit the emirate and have a life-time experience of visiting any or some of the malls, which boast almost all the brands existing in the world.

Let’s take some hints on the most popular malls in Dubai and find out what makes each of them so fascinating:

  1. The Dubai Mall Being the largest mall in Dubai with gross coverage area of 3.7 million sq. ft., The Dubai Mall is one of the largest hubs for shopping, entertainment, adventures and food outlets. Name the brand and find it amongst the 1200+ stores that makes the mall big enough to be explored in 2-3 days. The downtown mall is known for its luxury which is offered through high-end stores, premium brands and a handful of exclusive retail stores. Confined to not just shopaholics, the mall is so vast to offer exquisite and exceptional activities for entertainment including The Dubai Aquarium and The Underwater Zoo. Entertainment is featured at its best in class Cinemas called Reel Cinemas. Also, the mall serves the niche dining restaurants and outlets for all of its visitors. Waitrose is a big supermarket, capable of offering almost anything and everything, in the complex.

Mall of the Emirates – The massive mall is a blend of luxury offering including hotels, restaurants and ever hyped indoor Ski resort Ski Dubai. The Mall of Emirates is known for its exclusive stores & exclusive sales and celebrates almost every day. The place allures the families and friends with the Magic planet, being one of the best entertainment spots for children. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the mall attributes to the view of the tallest building of the modern world, i.e. Burj Khalifa. One of the most photographed places in the world, MOE is full of entertainment, be it their world-class theatre called Vox Cinemas or their supermarket Carrefour. The name of the mall shows up on every search of the best malls in Dubai and by all means.

Dubai Festival City Mall – Considered to be the best inter-continental mall, and Dubai’s only IKEA. The Dubai Festival City mall is all charm with its waterfront views. A kind-of-insta-worthy mall is visited by almost every body who enjoys late evenings with friends and families. The Mall lights up every evening with light and laser shows and offers a splendid moment worth capturing. Visitors are majorly influenced by the Novo Cinemas and Festival City’s dancing fountain called “Imagine”. The mall is also one of Dubai’s major concert and event venues.

Ibn Battuta Mall – As suggested by the name, the mall is known for its unique architecture design as it is a single storey mall comprising six courts as inspired from Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China, the regions where the great explorer, by the name Ibn Battuta, travelled. The mall is famous amongst travellers as they seek an inspiration from the place for its history. Locals often visit for grocery shopping in its large hypermarket and with no doubts, the mall has to offer a big space of entertainment with the only IMAX theatre in the city and many other games.

City Centre Midrif – One of the most visited malls in Dubai, City Centre Midrif boasts extreme adventure through its concept of indoor sky-diving called “iFly”, and adds more fun through Little Explorers and a 12-lane cosmic bowling by the name “Yalla! Bowling”. The Mall is a home to over 400 retail outlets making it all-the-better place to be. Opened recently in 2010, the place is infused with innovative concepts which create a different shopping experience for families and friends. Truly capable of satisfying the shopping needs for all audiences and budgets.

City Centre Diera – One of the oldest malls in Dubai, this mall has always managed to keep up the pace and a fusion of brands and budgets have really done well for its charm that never fades away. Visited more often by locals than travellers, the mall is triple-storeyed with an array of varied outlets to retain its fanbase till date. City Centre Diera is known for its celebration of discounts throughout the year and is easily accessible through its metro station. Entertainment includes a multiplex Cinema and A magic planet for kids.

Burjuman Centre – Insides of the mall reveals more than just a place of entertainment and a hub for shopping. Burjuman houses to healthcare facilities, exchange offices, premium outlets and a collection of dining options amongst the best in the city. Established in 1991, The centre has been developing and bringing necessary changed with the dynamic needs of the travellers and visitors. An ideal place to hang out with friends and need not to mention, the Burjuman Mall has its own VOX Cinema with other gaming options to kill the time in the best possible way. A must-visit place for those with varied needs as it offers almost everything under same roof.

Mercato Shopping Mall – Mercato means “Market” in Italian. The mall has a unique design that rejuvenates the visitors by the sights it has to offer. Boasted by a large Spinneys supermarket, a cinema and family entertainment centre, it is indeed the largest-themed mall in Jumeirah. The mall entertains the kids with the Fun City and has sights of Europe in its architecture to give the visitors another reason to visit. A special alert for pet lovers – The mall owns a pet shop at the basement level which seems to be perfect to excite any pet lovers out there.

Dubai Marina Mall – Residents in the complex and vicinity of Dubai Marina have their one and all spot to cater all of their needs here. The mall attracts a good no. of visitors for they have a reason to capture the waterfront views while having the meal of their day at some of the popular food outlets and dining options. To the next door is Pier 7, which offers varied dining concepts with terrace seating. Even though the mall is not vast in comparison to other in the league but it still drives visitors to the place for its no. of restaurants and the cuisines it has to offer. Locals often visit for their grocery shopping at the Waitrose Supermarket.

Wafi Mall – Themed on Egypt, the mall has been in service for providing an Arabic shopping experience for years now. The mall has got its fame for its light and sound show in the late evenings and celebrations on fests. Wafi mall is more often visited by the locals for the products being used. Located in the Dubai Healthcare City, the mall is easily accessible by metro and the Wafi Gourmet Restaurant is amongst some of the best in Dubai. The mall organises events on account of its City’s celebrations and features the traditional style at its best. The City boasts around 100 Malls and many more lined up to join the spree. As a matter of fact, Dubai is developing at such an intense pace that around 25% of the world’s total cranes are operating for many other developments as of now. The metro connectivity is so strong that it covers almost every part of the city. Dubai has been a preferred destination for families and friends over the time, and it has successfully acclaimed to be one stop spot for all the shopping enthusiastic.

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