10 Signs That You are Boss’s Favourite Employee


Being your boss’s favorite is well in the work place but there persist a fine gap between the bosses who applause the employees work and certify them with good projects and the bosses who favor that employee to the prejudice of others. Here are few reminders that can let you know if you are your boss’s favorite:-

• Your boss wants to know your goals-

This is considered to be a good sign that your boss is truly putting their interest in your long term success.

• They give you extra tasks to perform-

If your boss asks you to explain or teach to work to your colleagues, you may feel that they are putting some extra tasks on you but this may be because your boss might be captivated with your work that he may want to share with others.

• They keep a check on you –

Your boss may be keen to know what you like. He may want to know about your plans and what can keep you interested. He may be doing this to figure out what can be done retain you.

• They provide you with extra responsibilities-

Managers often appoint more duties to the talented employees. They put employees in charge of vital projects.

• They do not always compliment you-

When your boss provides you with extra responsibilities, it is not necessary that they will always praise you, they will either think you know well that you are on a good position or they will simply forget as you do so many things well. In such a case you should rather ask for a feedback from new boss.

• They ask for your opinions-

Bosses often ask for your opinions from the employees whom they trust. If your boss often asks for your input in team meetings and team projects, this should be taken as a good sign.

• Your views matter to him-

Most importantly other than likeability is whether he respects you or not. Liking you as an employee is not as important as helping the team, your engagement in important conversations etc.

• This always give you challenges-

Your boss will always give you more than you can handle. This is because they want you to test you.

• They can be sometimes very strict with you –

A boss may give you a lot of feedback but not all of it can be positive. They can be strict with you just because to know that you handle it and is ready for more tasks.

• Accept changes-

Your boss knows that you can accept the tasks in the workplace and so often tests you.

• Your boss expects you to be honest-

Your boss may expect you to be trustworthy towards the organization and take charge of all the projects honestly and be answerable for the same.

• Reliability-

Your boss may test your reliability and patience. It also shows your respect for your boss which never goes un-noticed. He may check your level of patience under extreme circumstances.

• He may test your diligence-

Your boss would like to see how excellently you perform the given task and what efforts you put in the tasks assigned to you. This is because he knows you will strive for the best.

• He may test your dedication-

He sometimes tests your dedication towards the work by your willingness to take on any task. This is because he considers you to be a dedicated employee who can take on more if given.

• Your sense of job security may rise.

If your boss is happy with you it is obvious you will start to feel more secure at your work place

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