10 Tips on How to Get Beautiful Eyes Without Makeup

Taking good care of eyes are so important. Eyes are the most important and sensitive part of our body. So here is some tips for beautiful and healthy eyes:-

1) Brightening under eyes

If you are facing dark circles problem so you can use potato juice to remove dark circles or for brightening your under eye area. Potato has bleaching agent in it so it will brightens your under eyes.

2) Use sunscreen

If you are going out and contacting sun directly it will effect your eyes so much. So while going out do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face, under your eyes etc. Apply sunscreen on all of your face properly to get even tone.

3) Drink water

By drinking plenty of water your body will stay hydrated and it is an important part of your health. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. It will keep your eyes moisturized and hydrated and makes your eyes sparkling.

4) Sleep properly

If you want to avoid waking up with puffy eyes try to take proper sleep of at least seven to eight hours. This will also prevent fluid from accumulating under your eyes. By taking enough sleep your body and eyes will show magic.

5) Use cucumber

Cucumber juice contains antioxidant properties and it has vitamin C in it. Vitamin C can help to soothe tired skin and eyes. Cut two cucumber slices (half-inch thick). Lie down, and apply a slice to each eyelid for 15 minutes to refresh your eyes.

6) Use rose water

To use rosewater, apply few drops to your eyes with fingers or dropper. You can also apply rose water on eyelids also to reduce swelling or puffiness. Try to use real or organic rose water . If you are not sure if rosewater is safe for you then consult a doctor first before using it to avoid any sort of uncomfortable situation.

7) Take a Break

If you are doing work that requires visual concentration, like reading, writing, looking at phone screen or computer screen, then it brings enormous stress to the eye. To prevent the damage, take an ‘Eye-break’ of at least 10 minutes after every hour of such work. Focusing on one area for too long can cause dry, tired and irritated eyes. So give your eyes some rest regularly.

8) Eat healthy food

By eating healthy food not your eyes , your whole body will see difference. Healthy and green vegetables will give your skin glow and make your eyes shiny, sparkly and hydrated.

9) Exercise daily

Try to workout or exercise daily and do not forget to perform exercises which are meant especially for eyes. Exercises like focus change, near and far focus, figure eight etc. are very good eye exercises. Daily eye exercise will help your eyes in attaining & maintaining good vision plus it will also make your eyes shiny and beautiful.

10) avoid smoking

If you want to make your eyes beautiful then avoid smoking or even better, never start it. Smoking is the worst you can do for your health and also for your eyes. Smoking is very bad to your whole body. If you smoke then avoid doing it or control it as much as you can. It is really worst.

So these are the some tips you can do to your eyes for making it beautiful, shiny and sparkling.

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