5 A’s Essential For A Successful Destination

Many people know they want to travel but cannot figure out their perfect destinations, choosing the perfect place to enjoy and relax is a bit of a task. To avoid this and to find the best travel option matching your successful destinations there are 5 essential requirements,Not only for the visitors but for the local governments it is important to induce these 5 essentials to earn greater sales and revenues and to attract tourists. Let us take an overview of what these 5 essentials are and what perfect mix and balance of these are essential to a successful destination:

These 5 A’s are Accommodation, Accessibility, Activities, Amenities, and Attractions.

1. Accommodation

Where will we stay? A big question is where will we find a decent living in an unknown country. This also depends on what your pocket allows. A variety of options include motels, hotels (2,3,4,5 star), resorts, villas, cruise, home stays, apartments, hostels and many such depending on cost. The quality and ambience depends on the category which you choose. There is always an option to choose your meal plan namely EP (European meal plan), CP (continental meal plan),MAP(modified american meal plan), and AP(all meals plan).

2. Accessibility

While selecting an accommodation it should be noted that it is easily accessible from various modes of transport i.e. Trains, Buses, Trams, Sea Ports, Airport, and the other local attractions of the country. If you go for cheap accommodation it may not be on easy reach and you may end up spending more on local transport.

3. Activities

While selecting the destination another point of keep in mind is the activities that interest you. If you are a beach lover you should visit a place having water sport activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, jet skieng, etc.., similarly if you simply want to enjoy nature you must go for destinations with more nature touch greenery, forest etc.

4. Amenities

As a traveler a person must be open to enjoy local cuisine, must visit local markets for shopping, Can try for souviner to keep a memory of that place, Enjoy local culture of that particular place. You can prepare a checklist of must do list to explore the place you are planning to visit.

5. Attractions

Some people love culture and love to visit the local monuments,museums,culture & art places of the country while others prefer bars, amusement parks,other local sightseeing. On the other hand some people visit for specific conferences and events and are more interested in hotel amenities rather than attractions of the hotel.

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