5 must know points for women’s safety

Every day we hear about one or the other crime taking place against women as they often prove to be an easy target. Further, bad intentions of the male culprits also leads to heinous crimes taking place which often claim innocent lives. There are a few pointers which should be kept in mind and circulated among your nears & dears to create awareness about some possible dangers which can be averted if the women remain alert and pro-active.

  1. Does it feel odd, when you are in a lift with a stranger all by yourself? What should be done in that case?
    =To tackle the situation, when you enter the lift and are going to 13th floor, you should select all the floor buttons. In that situation, no one will ever dare to do anything inappropriate with you. And you can reach your destination safely.
  2. What should be done when you are alone at home and someone attacks you?
    =The most appropriate and smart thing to do at the moment is running towards the kitchen. If you know where the spices like red or green chilly are kept, fetch them as fast as you can and use them as your weapon. It will give you some minutes to escape and run. If not, then start shouting and throwing utensils, anything you can grab at the moment, be it plates, glasses, knife. Remember, commotion is the greatest enemy of people doing wrong. Invaders would never want to be caught and will run away.
  3. How to ensure safety while traveling through auto or taxi at night? =The first thing to be done is to take a clear picture of the vehicle number in your mobile and send it to any family members or friends. After getting into that vehicle, call the person you have sent picture and inform about your current location and specifically mention on phone that you have sent the vehicle number in the language that is understood by the driver. This will make him cautious that in case he tries to harm you by any way then he can easily be traced and caught. So,he would safely drop you to your home. Also this will make the person responsible for your safety instead of a threat.
  4. When you realise that the driver is taking you to another route and it feels dangerous.
    = It is very effective to use your bag handle or dupatta or anything available at the moment and encircle it against his neck tightly, it will make him helpless and powerless in a few seconds itself. If you have nothing like that, don’t panic simply pull him from his collar, it will make the buttons of his shirt hurt the nerves of throat and effect will be the same. You can use those few minutes of his helplesness to escape and get into some safe place.
  5. When someone follows you at night
    =Try to run and get into any shop or house and translate your problem with them. If no shop or house is open, due to late hours or ny other reason, get into the nearest ATM. The ATM’s have CCTV cameras working 24/7. If that person tries to follow you, he will be recorded. No bad person would ever want to share his identity. So he won’t enter the ATM and you will be safe. After that you can call any of your family member and they can pick you up from there.
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