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5 Secret Tips To Stay Healthy by Doing Routine Work

Get up and Get moving Make your life healthy and happy

By doing regular activities in your life and following healthy work habits on daily basis, will keep you fit and healthy. UK based Slimming world’s research (weight loss organisations) shows that 90% of people who have successfully maintained that body shape by losing several Kgs include regular physical activity in their life like walking, using public transport etc. Health at work is the primary concern now a days due to monotonous jobs which involve long sitting hours. This leads to pouted belly and therefore most dreaded by the young professionals. Here you can follow few easy tricks to maintain your body. Let’s read the 5 tips on how to stay healthy:-


Starting with the small steps, you can increase your daily walk slowly-slowly. You need not to jog, run marathon or gymming. You can simply start walking more to keep your body slim and fit. Take stairs instead of lift and elevators, walk from house to office or walk from car parking to your office. And soon you’ll start noticing that how much you are doing better and what positive changes will come to your body and to your life. Now you are more capable to walk and enjoy more activities.


Get into that activity in which you find yourself, Do those activities which makes you feel happy and in future you may be want to do that again, that will you do on regularly basis. It could be anything like gardening, dancing, yoga, walk, sports, cleaning, Travelling etc. By doing your favourite activities you will remain healthy by body and by mind as well, and that will be very relaxing for you. Stick with it, soon it will become your habit from which you can’t get enough of.


If you feel good to do 2 tip than join some activities with your friends, Colleagues and family. Encourage them to do things like you do. Make a way to do activities in duo. That might be a new challenge for you and you want to be that best like your partner. You’ll chase a new aim with together. Also build new activities in your partners life and you can make your own sport. this is the best way to inspired yourself and to inspire others.


Having your improvements in your mind, is that good to boost up your motivations. Not only to boost up but also to increase your progress. Note down your progress by using charts, tracking devices, health check-ups and show-off those by displaying them in the house or in your office tables or at workplace.


Walking is the best way to improve your stamina, energy and weight control. Instead of running you should start walking. Walking reduce stress, the risk of heart disease, BP and osteoporosis and walking also increase your mental abilities. Increase your steps daily by 10 or 20 and you will get a great result in a month. You can also record your daily step in your smart phone’s app, or fitness wristband.

These all are the low-cost tips for staying healthy which can make your life healthy and fit. You can also share your own personalized Health Tip which you have evolved and has produced excellent positive results. Do write in the comments section below. Thanks for your precious time.

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