Nowadays vacations are meant for new experiences .There are plethora of options for the diverse objectives such as physical activity, interaction with nature and so on. There are hills to be climbed, forests to be explored. India has diverse varieties of beaches. There are multiple options available such as water sports, seafood cuisine, relaxing spas and diving. Other than mere swimming pools and beaches there are plenty of options available for curious children and smart generation. The smart generation needs adventure, wildlife, castles and mysterious forts too.

Stunning vistas for mountain ranges, sandy beaches, smooth sand dunes and lazy canals are the best places to be captured.
There are sheer number of historical monuments in India. With best Islamic architecture, Hindu and Jain temples, Historic cave paintings to monasteries and churches, India is paradise of the admirers.

Thrill- seeking individual can look forward to exploring the Thar Desert. Thar Desert lies in Rajasthan is extended into some portion of Haryana, Punjab and Gujrat. Camel safari into the Thar Desert is an amazing experience not to be missed for tourists. Rajasthan has an awesome view with some wildlife species and excellent ecosystem. The people in Rajasthan have great love for music and poetry. Rajasthan desert festival is held once in a year (mainly in winter season) where rich culture and folk can be seen. The place is a true example of survival of Insects and animals in harsh conditions. The desert has volatile temperature exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. It is biggest desert of Rajasthan and therefore Rajasthan is known as “Desert state of India”.

Flyboarding the action sport sensation is a thrilling and an innovative masterpiece. Atlantis watersports is launching Flyboarding for the first in Goa. Flyboarding experience is filled with fun and excitement and the association is working well as per the safety measures and government regulations. Now a days Bollywood films have featured a Flyboarding sequence making a hit for tourists. A short vacation with a Flyboarding session is a cherry on the cake.

Snorkeling is an activity particularly at tropical locations. It is an opportunity to view the underwater life without any training or equipment. It is a fun and relaxing way to view colorful world beneath the water surface. One can observe coral and marine life without disturbing the aquatic life. It supports underwater sports such as underwater rugby and underwater hockey. It does not require any professional training, it needs ability to swim and breathe.

Thailand is famous for its unique style of therapy. Thousands of tourists travel to Thailand for relaxation, luxury and pampering. Spas in Thailand have been associated with ancient facts and processes. It provides a refreshing experience and maintains their natural balance. There are variety of spas available which focus on massage therapy. The concept focuses on natural healing through meditation, herbal baths and massage.

Nepal’s culture and diversity has resulted in variety of cuisines. Principle of eating has been improved for the true foodies.
Hence there are variety of options available in India & Nepal for a perfect short break.

You can enjoy Tongba (in the pic)- Nepalese beer made of fermented Millets. The local cuisine of Nepal is famous for its spicy dishes loved by people all over the world.

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