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5 ways a toxic boss can hurt your health

Toxic bosses could hurt your heart – this has been proved time & again. If you see any toxic managers checklist, you can find at the end the deadly effect this negative environment or bad boss can incur on your health, if you are working under them.

Bad workplaces, negative seniors and an unbelievable environment can all add up you to stress. Negative bosses who humiliate you each and every time, the political environment of work places, heavy workload and back-bitters who wants to let you down, these kinds of environment won’t make you focus on your work and can stress you up and stop you to grow. Your negative workplace will give you disease.

A new study of International Journal of Environment Research and Public Health found that negative workplace, negative environment will lead you to cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors which also high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Basically, if you have negative surrounding at work place than you are earning disease for you and for your body with your salary.

According to World health Organisation (WHO), cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stress is the no.1 cause of death which includes disease of different types like coronary heart disease cerebrovascular disease, and disorders of heart. If this disease left untreated will leads to heart attack and strokes.

World Health Organisation (WHO) officially classified burnout as a syndrome as cases have been increasing at an alarming rate. After surveying more than 4 lacs US employees, it is concluded that people who work in mistrustful place have poor health, poor diet, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol. Now these diseases are commonly found in every 6th person of the world.

For growth and healthy work, an employee should have a positive environment where they can do their work without any pressure and find work as their love.

What is trust – “the belief that somebody is good, honest, sincere, etc. and will not try to harm or trick you” — but the work environment is totally opposite of this definition. All the workers and their boss only blame the mistrustful negative environment for their colourless disease-full life.

The takeaway for managers: Create a challenging work environment, and it could take a toll on employee health. The takeaway for workers updates the maximum that employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. To make your life healthy and stress free, you all should have to live happy and tension free life by choose the positive surrounding around you.

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