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6 Fitness Facts that in reality are Workout Myths

Workout myths are often propagated by gym coaches but many times they are just a misconception which you are forced to believe.

We are all confined to our lives and it’s been a hustle ever since it comes to fitness. But following the recent trends and market shows, fitness parks and gyms are spectacularly booming in their segments lately.
As a matter of fact, markets have shown a decent growth due to the factor involved of target audience which has now widened through years.

Individuals are understanding the need of fitness and willing to invest both time and money on themselves. Nevertheless, gym trainers play diligent roles in carving the best out of an individual through focusing on components like endurance, strength and flexibility, etc.
Simultaneously we are perceived of the power of word of mouth when we talk about myths associated to health and fitness.

There are no doubts that you hit the gym and kill it until you see your body pumped but what are the chances that you’ve actually attained the body figure or size that you’ve always wished or desired. since you are not seeing desired results for a long run, chances are that you have fallen victim to someone’s bad advice.

Now for a workout where you’ve committed your time and invested your money, we are here to help you better understand the facts and avoid misconceptions or myths from sabotaging your personal health and fitness.

The more you Sweat, the more you lose Fat.

Many individuals indulge in activities where they can sweat as much as possible through cardio exercises and weight lifting. We need to understand that harder work outs help in burning more calories but sweat content has nothing to do with loss of fat content in the body. Sweating has a vital role in detoxification of our body and also, helps body to regulate temperature.

Every body reacts differently to exertions. Hence, it adds up to the fact that a person might not be able to sweat post work-out but fat content might drop gradually. Thus, focus on persistence and results would be in favour.

Long-term Commitment leads to better results.

Let’s just accept the fact that Gym trainers tend to retain their valuable clients come what may. Gym trainers are the major cause and influencing factor for an individual and his/her physical development. Since it’s been known that every trainer uses different equipment, specific meal-courses, self-designed techniques and therefore, it may lead to variation in results on an individual.

Trainers might offer you the best packages for longer periods but it’s better and more sensible of you to analyse and realise the dedication of your trainer towards you and your fitness goals.

More Exercises mean Faster results.

We’ve all heard, “Excess of anything and everything is harmful”. It’s good thing to know if you’re stimulated by and for work out but know that Over-training or excessive work out is a real concept and it might hit you harder than you think. You might feel long lasting muscle soreness, depression, latency in exercises. Be reasonably negotiable on work out if you are really seeking for gains.

Cardio is the best way to cut fat in your body.

Although it goes without saying that Cardio can impact your body drastically if followed strategically. Here we have used the term Strategically, which means as per your body requirement. You might come across various gyms where individuals are advised to do Cardio pre or post work out on regular basis.

Now the problem arrives when you put yourself in conditions where your body begins to consume your muscles to fuel up and keep running. To avoid such state, we recommend to re-schedule weekly plan and do the quality cardio which helps in burning the fat faster.

No Pain, No Gain.

It’s no lesser than a fact that we are keen to push ourselves off the edge and are more likely to go for one extra rep, just to feel self-righteous. Going another way around, we keep ourselves physically fit so that we have to deal with lesser health issues gradually.

We might feel doubtful about the odds when we have had an intensive work out session and still not feeling pain the way, it should be. So, relax and calm down. You’ve not done anything wrong and more importantly, you must not do anything wrong which leads to worse pains and it may land you into more trouble where you would not be able to work out for quite a good period of time.

Protein or Supplement is a shortcut to bigger muscles.

Last but a must point to write about, we must have often encountered or overheard many trainers discussing about supplements with their clients. We know that our body is a complex structure and we do have a need of protein but if taken excessively, it might result in serious health issues.

Protein intake must be highly prescribed by a physician and let’s just accept the fact that we are keen to consume supplement for sake of bigger muscles. Adding up further, in fact, you’re most likely consuming sufficient content. Depend upon more of healthy diet and less on supplements.

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