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6 Simple Ways to Encourage Physical Activity at Home

How to do more physical activities to boost your strength & immunity while sitting at home or during your holidays or during extended home stay?

At the time of writing this blog, what I have been witnessing is that due to lockdown in this pandemic of COVID 19, most of the people are not able to work out properly which can make them chubby and fat and apart from all this they also have to do theofficial work from home by sitting in front of device(s).

Many people usually eat, sleep, work on their devices, and do other activities while sitting at their home hence, during this lockdown nobody gets to wander anywhere out of the house.

But as you have to stay fit and in shape then you have to follow some steps other than work out by which you cannot get fat!

So during lockdown just focus to walk as much as you can and set your target for at least 10,000 steps in a day to walk and keep your body fit.

See the following important tips:-

1. Walk while you talk:

This is a very easy task to complete your 10,000 steps in a day because during this lockdown if you get any call then you will surely talk minimum half an hour or so and hence, whenever you will get a call then walk while you talk to someone and this way you can stay healthy and fit.

2. Climb stairs every hour:

Apart from official work, set an alarm for your fitness also. Climb stairs every hour in a day in order to stay in a shape and take 2-4 rounds of your house because this is also a part of your work out.

3. Do household chores:

Household chores are the best way to keep walking and doing physical activities like sweeping and mobbing your house. Moreover, by doing household chores you can also maintain hygiene of your house and protect your family from any infection.

4. Do not sit for continuously 02 hours:

If you will continuously sit for 02 hours then it may happen that your fat will increase which makes you lazy and therefore, walk in your house or do dusting of your house so that your body will stay active all the time and when lockdown (home stay) will end, all those usual activities will not affect you that much in comparison to other people.

5.Dance if you can:

If you have completed all the chores or activities, then you can dance with your family members to keep your body healthy and burn calories. Actually, it is a fun so dance and enjoy the company of your family!

6. Enjoy music while walking:

Listening to music while sitting is the very bore thing a person can do but enjoying your favorite music and walk along the same is the best and a fun thing and this way you can even get bored during this lockdown.

So, these are the steps you can follow to stay in shape and fit! This way you can complete 10,000 steps in a day so that you can stay active and blood circulation in your body gets improve. Moreover, it is the best thing a person can do to keep himself/herself healthy.

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