7 Benefits of Fasting

1. Why Fasting? Because it is yet another method to help our body in the process of detoxification. Our body is able to clear the old pending digestive tasks and regain its balance which gets lost due to unrestricted eating habit.

2. Fasting helps to clear toxins from our body so you will feel radiance on your face and your body will feel super light and energetic.

3. It helps to increase the metabolism rate of your body because body gets a chance to feel the sweet feeling of hunger and becomes ready to accept food. when our body is ready, then food gets digested easily & faster. Ultimately, it benefits our body with positive results.

4. Scientifically tested, it has been found that fasting helps in controlling the blood sugar levels or our body thus preventing the risks of diabetes.

5. Fasting helps in controlling the blood pressure, Cholesterol level, LDL & HDL thereby ensuring good health of our heart and save ourselves from the dreaded heart related ailments.

6. Fasting helps in the natural repairing of our skin cells which leads to skin tightening. Thus the vital signs of ageing are deferred to some extent and you may look younger for much longer duration. (love that, Isn’t it?)

7. Fasting leads to a stronger and more active brain and kills harmful cells which affect brain development. It thus reduces the risk of brain stroke.

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