7 Moonshot ideas that became real innovations

The term “Moonshot” was introduced during the phase of NASA’s Apollo Program, when the execution seemed to be next to impossible but had to be huge success. Stating a fact, near about every great invention was a glorious goal and once thought to be impossible. Similarly, there have been many moonshot ideas that became real innovations with passage of time.

Floating Cities

Floating Cities are still theoretical, but floating house complexes are already standing in Netherlands.
An idea popped up in the mind of a legend in the 7th century, where he envisaged a fabled floating city which is still a mere idea but the concept has come to life with complexes like floating apartments and dairy farms in the country of Netherlands. These floating apartments might provide an idea to chain reaction and the initial idea may seem practical soon. The concept ensures better and more resistance to floods. Several nations including US are finally immersing to put an idea to reality.
Floating cities, if executed through bona fide strategies, are expected to reduce the threat & consequences of rising sea levels and merge the vast population off the land to put on production of more cultivation.

Travelling through space

Travelling through space was once thought to be impossible. Now, astronauts live there for months at a time.
An idea of teleporting seemed quite speculative until innovated and invented. Reports of the former scientists suggest their saying on space travel as “a man possess life on earth and immigration to another world is mainly confined to an imagination”. Fore coming Scientists proved in less than 5 decades that human life existence is possible in Space, and the plan was executed through an artificial satellite. Since then, space stations have been more active and concerned about life beyond earth which seems to be fairly possible in quite some time.

Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars have been slow to get off the ground, but they’re operating in Phoenix.
Invention of car is not new, but auto-driving cars have been an idea of great imagination. The concept came to life in 21st Century only. Moreover, it’s in December 2018 when a company named “Waymo” stationed a column of self-driving taxis in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. More than 1200 customers have experienced a ride in self-driving cabs, operating across 4 suburbs. Even though Waymo has turned an idea into reality, but the concept still needs improvements and may eventually put out driver, adding an extra seat for the passengers.

High-speed rail

High-speed rail is still a moonshot in US, but Japan has been using the technology for years.
Japan is considered to be one of the advanced countries in the field of technology and one such illustration is their invention and set-up of high-speed railways across the Nation. The country has always put an effort to ease the manual tasking and values time of an individual like anything. Japan’s high-speed rail is the first to be build across the world and the technology ensures the safety, though no casualties have been recorded ever, with saving the time of its users. By now, Japan has transported over billions of passengers saving enormous time.

DNA fingerprinting

The inventor of DNA fingerprinting didn’t believe that he had created it at first.
A work in process until 1984, when a scientist couldn’t believe the innovation of DNA fingerprinting – the fact that determines someone’s identity through distinguished characteristics. Science claims it to be one of the best innovations till date. The innovation is still considered to be complex for its scientific factors involved and the technology has helped millions of lives through accuracy. Today, DNA fingerprinting is used in identification of criminal, paternity testing and as unique identity of individuals.

3D printing

One man’s hunch led to the invention of 3D printing.
Considered to be a notion, its inventor named “Chuck Halls” believed that he could turn the graphic designs into life objects through UV technology. One of his later experiments turned to be great innovation when he managed to convert thin layers of a substance to a solid object.
The innovation led to the process of stereolithography, which forms the basis of 3D printing.
The process is currently used to build homes, and to make toys, wood art, shoes and it is further expected to be put in use to create human body parts including blood vessels and tissues.

virtual reality

The concept of virtual reality was first popularized by science fiction.
What is now known to be a predominant technology was once a vision of Science fiction. Experiencing an alternate life is a mind-boggling idea and observing the parallel life through technology is par excellence. The concept of virtual reality has been used on screens to cast series or films. Expanding its domains, the technology has spanned its wings in the dedicated segment of headsets, which are majorly used for gaming, medical training and concerned purposes in the field of education.

Alluding to above shared ideas, one should probably know nothing about horizons of ideas and thoughts.

A design might seem difficult to put on papers or to visualize but a brainchild is the root cause of most of the success stories. An organisation named “X Development” works on similar pattern and towards transformation of moonshot ideas into real innovations. X Development is basically an American semi-secret research and development facility, founded by Google in 2010, and this organisation operates as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. The group seeks for diversified entrepreneurs with vision of expanding the perspective that aims at improvisation of million or billion lives.

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