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7 New Age Career Options for Youth

Long gone are the days when people were bound to do traditional jobs or follow the usual professions like of a teacher, an engineer or a doctor. Just a few years back, we have had our education system embraced with three major criterions, following further streams to attain a qualification degree. The gradation used to be decisive thing for kind of job or the industry to work in.

With internet playing a vital role in the development of our lives, social media has been a game changer ever since. It has bestowed us with distinguished platforms where people can excel on basis of their skill-sets and capability to do work. Career options graph has shown a tremendous movement in varied fields. New-age careers are much more promising if matched with apt skill-sets. Although academic qualification is still a priority, the job sector is shifting to fill in the positions who possess the required skills, rather going all for grades. Since then, many jobs have emerged to be promising and well paid, with no constraint of formal degree or certificate, pertaining to the job.

Let’s take a swift view on these emerging options and how these careers have broken the stereotype of predominant nine to five jobs.

  1. Event Management – Corporates have had their premature phase when they used to manage their events, be it a formal meeting, conference or a cocktail party, everything by themselves. Managing an event is never considered a single-handed job since it requires skills and need delegation when comes to outsourcing. Lately, people have understood the loopholes and have taken it as an opportunity. Since a planner is not required to be an institute certified, he or she could possibly possess organisational and intellectual skills to master. However, your work should be equally loud as word of mouth, if seeking for bigger and better returns.
  2. Chauffeur – Often overlooked as an inferior job, it has still managed to pace up the growth in its sector, majorly with introduction of Ola and Uber in the league. It might be surprising that over the years, many scholastic qualified people have switched to money driving and have taken the job as part time and full time. You might feel like considering the job, since it is not concerned to your academics but apt skills.
  3. Digital Marketing – Internet prime movers know how things work digitally. We’re fringed to the screens, and that’s the way we are targeted with varied related products and services. People have started working digitally, where they explain the product or service and load with content to target the right audience. Marketing is the best way to promote sales and need of digital marketing skills is ever rising with growth of digital world. There are numerous institutes certifying the specific course and you may hit and rock by your skills.
  4. Photography – Another passionate career. Like who could have thought of producing pictures worth paying. Although photographers need no introduction in social events, but photography has been flourishing and extending its frame to another level. It’s a highly paid job if you have an eye to capture the moment before lens. It is nothing but an art which could get you paid if taken to professional level. Plenty of genres are available with camera worth investing your efforts.
  5. Blogging – Writing your mind is a wonderful thing to do. Pouring your thoughts into words is a creative task. You can easily start adding content on the internet through blogging on the subjects you admire. You just need to be relevant about your content and blogging could be another career option for you. Make your point through pictures and clips and ensure more views. Understand your writing skills and turn it to real content worth reading and paying.
  6. Ethical Hacking – IT as a subject is quite technical and is confined to the people who possess great IT Skills. Hacking is another aspect in IT Sector. A good number of Corporates needs the expertise and knowledge of professional hackers to secure the data and money, so as to safeguard the functionalities. This job senses accountability with exceptional ethics. Various organisations offer certification courses post which a person can redeem a handsome salary by working for such organisations.
  7. Stand-up Comedy – Quite ironical but earning through comedy seems itself a comedy. India has witnessed an immense growth in stand-up comedy. Even though this job is taken as lightly as any random task, know that making people laugh takes more than just a bunch of jokes. If you think that you are flair in comedy or you have that thing to sense humour around, this career is open for you.

Explore the options around you. Understand your personality and skills. Do something great in every day and never be afraid to think out of the box. It’s never too late to start something worthy enough to get rewarded for.

All The Best !

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