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8 Secret Tips from Exam Toppers – How to Learn Faster

Now-a-days children are very upset by losing their memory/ forgetting things. Earlier, this problem used to happen only with the age, after the age of 50-60, people start forgetting things very easily. You may have seen your parents, grandparents and relative who forget things like where have they kept the keys, or wallet, Etc. but now this problem is commonly found in young kids also. So, here we will reveal before you, some secrets from exam toppers to learn things faster and easily. Follow some basic rules and you’ll find positive results soon.

  1. Skip laptops and phones during study.

Skip laptops and phones during study and start writing with pen and paper. The more we write, the more we memorize. There are other benefits of reading and writing also, like you improve your handwriting and writing speed as well. For writing any exam good writing speed is necessary to complete your exam on time or before time.

2. Take proper nap

A proper sleep is necessary for memorizing things. Take a proper sleep of 7-8 hour at night. Don’t use phone much at night because it will steal the peace from your sleep. while sleeping you will keep on recalling what you just saw on your phone which can disturb your sleep-cycle. And also take a nap between learning. For example- learn 1st chapter and take a deep nap of 15 minutes and after waking up start learning again.

3. Eat chocolate

Some research say that eating chocolate reduces the stress level and it is strongly linked to superior brain function. Eat a little chocolate or drink hot cocoa before studying.

4. Learn by speaking and say them out loud

Silent learning is not so effective in learning, we can learn things by saying them out loud. It also helps in diction and expression, which will transfer in writing by reading. By speaking things loudly, the brain remembers information much better than reading it silently.

5. Do imagination

While reading or writing do imagination of the concept or link that up with the context. You can also link up the example with the movie names or their characters or story line which you easily remember.

6. Teach someone or just pretend

By teaching or just pretending of teaching is extremely effective in learning things. You know that teachers show better understanding and knowledge retention than students, its because to teach you have to learn it by heart first so even by just pretending to teach while sitting alone & studying, we get the strategies to learn things and motivation to learn.

7. visual and audios

You may have noticed that we memorize the movies faster than the novel. See You tube video for better learning, as our mind capture the videos faster than reading or learning.

8.Record voice and repeat

Record your voice at the time of speaking and listen to your audio and repeat that before sleeping or while bathing for recalling the concept

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