The invention of apps has made a great impact on our lives. You no longer have to wander along the streets in search of best food in town or to avail beauty services. You no longer need to face long traffic jams.
Although, there are a millions of apps available, there are ones most of us use daily and these apps have a special place in our phones.

  1. Waze- you are better than traffic
    Waze helps you to identify the areas with a lot of traffic.
    Being a live app, it automatically detects traffic and sends you to another route which is free of any traffic.

  1. Spotify – customized tunes
    It is a music streaming app which has given tough competition to apple music and amazon prime due to its unique features. It has customized playlists and new music Fridays which keep people interested and contains a library of over 30 million tunes and songs.

  1. Starbucks for I-phone – because who wants to wait in the line.
    This app is a must have for all. It helps from placing orders to making the payments on the phone itself. No one likes to stand in long queues at Starbucks, so it’s an app which helps you to place orders by sitting at home.

  1. Google maps –because we can never find a difficult way without it.
    This app can help you reach almost anywhere no matter if you are on foot or in a car or a bike. It can prevent you from being stuck in the traffic jams for long hours or accidents. Most of us would not be able to find our way without it as it provides easy directions.

  1. Dropbox– take your files anywhere with you.
    This app lets you save any kind of a file and sync them automatically with all your devices which you can access from any place.
    This app also provides an offline access to its users.

  1. Lyft– because it’s handy.
    A ride-sharing app invented in United States helps you to share rides with the drivers near you. You don’t have to worry about parking your car when you are out or being stuck out in cold with no other options insight.

  1. Yelp– never get a bad food experience again.
    Wandering around in search of a good restaurant for food can be difficult. Yelp helps you to know about the food, service of the restaurant and the waiting list. It can provide you with the insights of almost everything from restaurants to hair salons to auto shops.

  1. Venmo -a money transaction app
    An app, which helps one from paying the rent to paying bills for a lunch in by cash transfers. You can also split the bill, or transfer the money between one another in cash with this app.
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