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9 Reasons Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

Some people think that they are losing weight by doing exercises in a week and some people lives in a myth of losing weight quickly and sometimes people will gain weight instead of losing.

It might possible that you were making some mistakes because we are humans and we do a lot of mistakes which is obviously natural but the thing is being a good person you just need to focus on how to make your mistake correct and learn from it.

You are doing every possible effort to lose your weight but somehow if you are gaining then you are definitely making some mistakes during your dieting period. Here are some indications that you are not losing weight and you need to make changes in your diet plan:

1. If you are not drinking enough water:

Drinking water can help you losing your weight but time also matters because weight can also increase if you drink water right after eating your meal. Drinking water can give multiple of benefits to a human body and if you are not losing weight then check out if you are not drinking enough water for your body to let it hydrated.

2. If you are not consuming sufficient Protein:

Protein is the most important element for your body and also it helps in boosting your metabolism and you will always feel filled and hence, consume fewer calories in whole day. Doing exercises since two weeks and still not getting any results, then you should check your food intake in which your protein is high.

3. If you are still consuming sugary drinks:

During dieting, foods in which sugar are high in quantity. The more sugar and sweet stuff you will consume the more chubbiness in your body increases and eventually you will gain weight. So, if you are not losing your weight then you are somewhere consuming sweet and sugary stuff which is absolutely not healthy for your body. So, check your diet plan and if there is anything which is sugary or sweet then remove it from your diet.

4. If you are eating too fast:

The speed of eating food always matters in the subject of losing or gaining weight. So, if you are still eating in a fast speed then you must eat slowly so that necessary essentials can properly go into our body. That could also be the reason of gaining your weight so control the speed of consuming food.

5. If you are not doing enough exercises:

If you are doing exercises that are sufficient enough to maintain your weight, then your body should lose weight until now but if nothing happened like this then you have to put more efforts in your workout routine. Maybe you are lacking somewhere in your workout.

6. If you are not having good sleep:

Sleep is very important for everybody in order to function with energy all day. But like everything else, sleeping time should be also fixed. Changing your sleep time day to day can give various stress problems, headaches and so on. Too less and too much sleep can also be the reason of your gained weight. Fix your regular sleep time according to your daily routine.

7. If you don’t have fixed eating time:

Eating anything too often can lead you to gain weight and make your body chubby in shape which will disappoint you and you will eventually end up being frustrated. So, don’t eat too often, it will increase your weight and set your time for your breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat accordingly.

8. If you have set unrealistic goals:

Weight loss can never be achieved successfully with unrealistic targets. Maybe you are losing your weight, but you are thinking way too much which is not unhealthy for your health and set targets that you can able to accomplish as per your capacity. It is important to feel happiness with your body otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.

9. If you are leaving food on your plate:

Your weight automatically increased if you do not eat properly because during dieting, most of the time you are not eating but when you eat make sure you are eating enough to get your appetite filled properly.

So, these might be the reasons of why you are not losing weight but instead you are gaining more. But the solution is also there, you just need to focus on your routine, diet plan, workout, etc. If you will overcome all of these problems, then without any doubt you will be able to lose maximum possible weight.

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