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9 Things not to eat before going to bed

1. Chillies

The reason behind Chilli not been appropriate for eating before sleep is- its high amount of Carbohydrates as well as calories. It can have two impacts upon us. First, that you will not get that quality of sleep which you deserve and second, you will wake up every morning with weight gain issues.

2. Alcohol

I know a single drink after dinner can complete your meal, but it keeps on  hurdling the very main function of sleep which is restoration. You better avoid that last drink after the food for a comparatively more healthy lifestyle.

3. Chocolates

Mostly treated as a stress reliever.. people eat a lot of chocolates all the time, but what they don’t realise is that it is a good source of caffeine which should be avoided before bedtime as far as possible.

4. Cereals

A big bowl of cereals in the breakfast is one of the best ways of starting a day and also one of the overrated way of ending the day. It has large amounts of Sugars and starch and hence, should be avoided at night. You can replace your big bowl of cereals with some juicy and nutritive fruits.

5. All the time love- Pizza

It’s very great and appreciable to have the very tasty Pizza slice in the lunch but do you have it in the dinner? If yes, then you really  need to know that all fancy seasonings of it are very famous for the kind of Acid Reflux. It causes weight gain. You can have it at the bed time, if you are very eager to increase your weight

6. Pasta

You better find some other good food options rather than having Pasta in the evening. As all the Sugars in the pasta convert fastly into fat.. it makes your body active and lethargic at the same moment. As much as it tastes good also  it is complex at the same level to understand its impacts.

7. Processed packed snacks

Most attractive thing about chips is its availability of long expiry periods and Handy nature. This fat source has made a few little spaces in every house corner which comes from processed food. The only problem with them is the  presence of a lot of mono sodium glutamate which creates issues in taking a person rest.

8. The red meat

The red meat is widely known for its nature of accelerating regular works of your body and hence use your tough issue if you want to rest or take a sound peaceful sleep. As much as it tastes good to eat but so are the bad effects of having it at the night.

9. The white breads

The very main reason is the less amount of nutrition value in the white bread to avoid them. But the ultimate reason that we eat is to provide nutrients to our body. It causes weight gain and sometimes depression as well. So, it is highly recommended not to have white breads.

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