Aao baat karein/ Come let us talk.

I can see the smile on your face as soon as you have read the title above. The reason being that in today’s fast-moving life, no one sits down idly to have a meaningful talk/ conversation. Life has become so fast that people think that if they sit down and talk, they will be missing a thing here and there in life. But what they don’t understand that talking will help them make their thoughts streamline and push them up to the next level in life. Simply doing your routine job and feeling contented or whatever it is, does not make any sense. Every person is trying to find happiness outside, instead of going within and finding it. The reason behind it is that people find it extremely time-wasting to spend some time with themselves. They cannot be with themselves. That is the reason TV shows like Kapil Sharma show is a Hit. Because people are finding it easier to laugh with the celebrities they know and forget to know that they are also a celebrity to their Wives, kids, and other members of the family. And if you ask them how much time they spend with their families or when was the last time they took meals together or went out together, they will find it difficult to answer.

That is why I have said that Aao Baat Karen/Come let us talk. The channel of communication should always be kept open in both professional and personnel relationships. At least to your immediate circle, be it your wife, children boss, friends. Once in awhile it always looks good to pick up a phone and start talking. And better still, just drop in once in a while and see the fun that unfolds at that moment.

In this fast-paced world, everything is done through gadgets and apps. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. everyone is seen hooked on to that. During office hours it is ok, but you can see people hooked on to their Mobiles on the roads and parks and even in their Cars. The reason is that people are afraid to talk about the fear of being rejected. When you talk, you are speaking your mind, and when you speak your mind, your personality develops manifold.


And when you talk , you should be careful. Because whatever you speak ends up in the atmosphere and will come back to you now and then. So be careful with what you speak and where you speak. You may have stopped talking, but what you spoke remains in the atmosphere for all times to come. And whatever you speak/gives, come back to you. And when you speak your mind legitimately, Gods join in.

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