Aliens – What Vedas Say about Aliens Yakshas

Vedas Affirm Aliens & Extraterrestrials from Outer Space

Vedas is worlds most Ancient Text out of Rig Vedas gives reference about other planets and life systems.

Vedas consist of four scriptures in Hinduism RIG VEDA, SAMA Veda, YAJUR VEDA and ATHARVA Veda which decodes the HINDU mythology. However Technically, the word “Hindu” is nowhere mentioned in Vedas and many of Indian Scriptures. The Word Hindu was given by Persians “Sindhu”, Defined by geography. I would shed more light on it in my next Topic on Hinduism.

Back to Aliens in Vedas.

The term Alien is Western Word. In Purana’s and Vedas this is called yakshas / Nagas and many other names which we will talk about in details going ahead. Yakshas is a term for Non Humans.

Yog – Kundalini shastra was given by Nagas to the Human Kind. That is why we symbolize “Kundalini” by a snake or naag.

Naga had their own Vimans (UFOs), by which they used to come and go from Nag loka and help develop many civilizations like that of the Egypt. That is why Paroah and other Egyptian can be seen with snake heads or snake art.

Yakshas have left their impressions in Kashmir also. there yakshas were very powerful and enlightened ones. There impressions and past existence still remains in the form of village names and tribes till today in Kashmir.

This is one the Reasons Why Kashmir is Called Valley of Gods and Jannat

There are villages in the names of Yakshas in Kashmir. The villages of Ichigam, Ichikote, Ichihama Rairyach and Ichigoz situated in the center district of Budgam, Kashmir

As per Late Prof. Laxmidhar Kalla, famous Sanskrit scholar of India and HOD of Sanskrit, Delhi University, mentions village in the name of Alkapuri still exists near the village Manigam in Ganderbal, Kashmir.

According to Some scholars a tribe by the name of Yakshun is still living in Dardistan area, which is situated in North of Kashmir. They Confirm that the name Yakshun is a derived from Yakshkun which means Yakshas.

Yakshasreferred in Kashmir – Himalayan Mountains

In Sanskrit, God alternative name is Deva, which means the divine, the Shining One, the Bright light

Many verses in Vedas highlights about other planets before and after creation of Universe. It also mentions about Gods who came before humans and will come after humans again.

Why Rig Veda is being Praised by Researchers and Scientist Today.

The Rig Ved is considered one of the most accurate source of information as it was created by most enlightened minds (Seers, Rishis) of that time with advanced technology that does not exist even today. Quantum physics is well defined in Vedas and who wrote about it were ultimate Seers from advance civilization.

Animals and Humans are the not just controlled by planet Earth. A combination of Many Stars indirectly effect our Brain and Body.

As Per Vedas and Bhagwat gita, Life Exist on every planet including Sun. Hmm Sun ? Yeha, ever heard of the Term “Fire Bacteria” yeha it is there.

Rig veda XXVIII 1-5

Mentions about 33 Devas, they Have Seven Lights and Spears.

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