If a person is planning to travel within the country borders, he or she should not require a Visa, however if a person intend to travel abroad, he or she requires a valid visa stamped on the passport in order to travel that particular destination.

While Applying for a VISA question comes up in our mind are as follows:

a)      How to Apply for a VISA?

b)      What all documents required to Apply for a VISA?

c)       How much is the fees for Applying a VISA?

How to Apply for a VISA?

Visa Stands for Visitors intention to stay abroad. It is the mandatory document required to travel abroad. In order to apply for a visa passenger must require some mandatory documents required by the Embassy of High commission of the country passenger wants to visit. Once the passenger arranges all the necessary documents to travel, He or She has to Apply for visa by visiting the Embassy or High Commission. These days Most of the Embassy had outsourced their visa section work to third party agencies such as VFS Global services PVT Ltd or COX & kings. These agencies are authorised to accept the documents on behalf of embassy or High Commission. These agencies accept the application, verify the documents and forward it to the Embassy for visa processing.

What all documents are required to Apply for a VISA?

In order to Apply for a VISA below documents are required by most of the Embassy or High Commission. Apart from below Documents Embassy may ask for further documentation after verifying the documents provided.

List of mandatory Documents


·       Passport with Six months validity from the return date of Travel

·       Application form duly filled and signed by the Applicants

·       2 photographs of 3.5 mm x 4.5 mm size (Matte or Semi Matte Paper, without editing, should cover 70-80 % face cover)

·       Covering letter

·       Air tickets

·       Hotel Booking

·       Travel Insurance

·       Day to Day Itinerary

·       Bank statement for the Last Six months

·       If working Salary slips for 3 months

·       Passport first and Last page photo copies

·       If Applying through a Travel Agent Authority Letter is also required

How much is the VISA Fees?

 In order to Apply for a VISA Passengers must have to pay a VISA fees that is charged by the Embassy or the High Commission. VISA fees is not fixed as it is different for Every Country. The Visa fees is charged in order to Process the VISA Application. Different country has Different Charges. Some of the country do not charge VISA fees but the Third-Party agencies may charge their service fees. Passenger must check the details of charges on Embassy website or Third-Party agency website before Applying for the VISA.



If you have any further questions or doubt regarding the  VISA processing may contact us.

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