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Best Hair Oil Brands India

The idea of flawless skin seems to be well-received for quite some while now. One thing which is often overlooked and isn’t considered to be talked big about is our hair. Looking back on the days when our parents, mother to be undoubtedly specific, used to chase us down to apply oil in our hair and made us look tacky. Yes right, those were the days. We realize it now that they were right to us.

Like any other visible thing out there, our hair too needs nourishment and proper care as a matter of concern. Ensuring healthy hair growth is not good enough nourishment but prevention of dry scalp and associated infections are relevant on par to be taken care of. Here we are enlisting some of the best available options in hair growth oils in India.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil

With infusion and blend of more than 20 Ayurvedic herbs, this oil is a one-spot stop for those seeking for oil which could help in reducing hair fall, prevent dandruff and boost hair growth. Being ayurvedic, oil is widely accepted by a big chunk of population being its nature of no side effects. Kesh King Ayurvedic oil is easily available at retail outlets and one could get hands on it through online order as well. Priced nominally at INR 150 for a content of 100ml, it is nothing less worth a steal deal.

Nivr Intensive Hair Growth Oil

The oil is extensively used to repair damaged cells layered in the dry scalp and improve overall health of hair. Nivr intensive hair growth oil is prepared by special herbs and what makes it stand out is its reliability for all hair types. The oil isn’t hair specific. Also, the oil improves follicles health and thus, makes hair grow faster and thicker. Oil costs around INR 500 for a content of 200ml and still makes it worthy enough to be amount spared for.

Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapy Hair Fall Control Oil

Blend of pure herbs infused with active protein yields the care product by Parachute. The oil helps in nourishing the scalp and has proven effective within 30 days of regular usage. This oil is specifically formed to act and react in improvisation of hair growth. Since the results are accurately and precisely proven in no time, but what makes it a real deal is its availability which has been an issue ever since.

Khadi Natural Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil

Unlike its branding, the product has its own glory. This oil by Khadi is not only effective for the hair nourishment but assist in restoration of natural hair color. Even though this product does good by all means, it is still limited to access and can not be used on all hair types. Khadi scores in almost aspects and doesn’t make a big hole in pocket. Product can be availed easily through retail stores and online channels at a nominal price of INR 315 for a content of 210ml.

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair

A miraculous combination of Science and Ayurveda with a blend of selective herbs develops a formula which helps in improvisation of overall hair health. Considering the pros, this oil lacks nowhere and does the job quite well. This product is quite handy and release pleasant fumes. Knowing its blend to cure from dry scalp and weak strands, the product costs for around INR 300 for a content of 120ml.

**Product prices may vary as per selling platform.

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