Best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR

Best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR

Best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR
Management courses play a vital role in student’s future curve. Delhi and NCR possess many of the top management colleges and their offering contribute to a great measure in field of education. MBA is known to fill in the career path of students and this master degree is beyond just a class room training. Understanding the options and the concepts of higher education have been boosting amongst the students.

Each and every management college is unique for its offering of qualification, and involves a certain criterion that begins way before an enrolment and goes along until job placement.

Delhi, being a major hub for corporates, is a great deal for students and aspiring post-graduates. MBA in Delhi is considered to be hyped for its well-known culture and quality education. There are numerous management colleges in Delhi. You can also search for mba colleges in noida as it is also an upcoming mini city. What makes them unique in the league is the fee structure, return on investment and need not to mention, the corporate influence.
Students around the nation turn up every next year for Delhi to pursue higher education and to get themselves placed in an organisation to fulfil personal and overall organisational goals.

Here we are to assist you in having a better clarity and understanding of the top management colleges in Delhi and N.C.R. and let you target your dream college having a clear-concept beforehand. You can find top mba colleges in delhi with fee structure.

  1. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) – Delhi
    Established in 1954, FMS is one of the oldest B-Schools in the country and its wings have spanned over the years in two programmes. courses in fms delhi are MBA/PGDM and MBA – Executive Programme. Faculty of Management Studies is a top shot amongst aspiring candidates and by all means. The academic fee for the session 2018-2020 is less than INR 25,000. Mentioning about the return on investment, the highest salary offered to the previous batch was near around INR 55 LPA and the average salary offered was INR 21 LPA. The penetration is so deep for the institute that the aspirants are in lacs and the total no. of seats offered are less than 400, if combined both the programmes. If you are targeting for an mba in delhi university, then it is your dream destination.
  2. Department of Management Studies (DMS) – IIT New Delhi
    Offering full time MBA programmes since 1997, DMS is known for its legacy of the IIT. The MBA programme is specifically designed to understand the inevitable change in market environment. Department of Management Studies in IIT Delhi is considered to be one of the best B-Schools including many International Business Schools. DMS offers a 2-year full time MBA programme and a 3-year part time executive programme. The average academic fees for either of the programme are near around INR 900,000. Placements in the year 2018 reveal the highest salary package of INR 26 LPA and the average was calculated to be INR 17 LPA.
  3. Management Development Institute (MDI) – Gurgaon
    MDI is listed in the top-10 B-Schools in India with consistently performing to encourage great exposure to its students through offering exchange programmes across the world. MDI is known for its successful placements and promises varied programmes including PGDM, PGPM, PGP-IM and PGP-HRM. Established strategically in Gurgaon, the corporate hub, MDI ensures the corporate involvement in their programmes to provide live scenarios in the market. The academic fee for the last session is around INR 22 lacs. The highest domestic placement package went up to INR 35 LPA and the highest international package was offered at INR 55 LPA. The average CTC was calculated to be INR 19 LPA, i.e., one of the best in terms of placement.
  4. Institute of Management Technology (IMT) – Ghaziabad
    Founded in the year 1980 by an industrialist, Mr. Mahendra Nath, IMT emphasises majorly on dynamic corporate and social environment. IMT offers five programmes, accredited by AICTE, comprising PGDM-Full time (MBA), PGDM Executive, PGDM Part time, PGDM-DCP and a new course recently lined up – PGDM in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services. The academic fee for the full-time programme is INR 1,700,000. As per records, the last placement held at IMTG discloses the highest salary package of INR 57 LPA and the average CTC was 12.50 LPA. IMT is also known for its stunning infrastructure and has been growing in its sector. Top among mba colleges in ghaziabad.
  5. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) – New Delhi
    Best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR, As the name of the institute suggests, IIFT New Delhi concerns to the foreign trade management in India. The institute was established by the Govt. of India in the year 1963. IIFT is well recognised and make to the list of the best B-Schools in India for a fact that it is a solely and only institute to offer International Business program. Further, IIFT New Delhi is highly recommended and considered for its program of MBA in International Business (MBA-IB). The academic fee for the last session was INR 16 lacs. IIFT recorded the highest CTC of 1 Crore++ LPA and the average CTC at 20 LPA.
  6. International Management Institute (IMI) – New Delhi
    It was established in 1981 in collaboration to its pre-existing institute in Geneva. IMI proved to be one of the top B-Schools in India for its quality education with in-depth emphasis on Global Business. IMI offers four programmes comprising PGDM (Full time), PGDM-HRM, PGDM- Banking and Financial Services and PGDM-Executive (Executive MBA). The academic fee for the full time PGDM programme is INR 17 lacs. The return on investment, i.e. placement package, was recorded on an average CTC of 13 LPA. The highest salary package of INR 21 LPA. International Business Institute has been working on widening the scope of placements by tie-ups with more and more companies.
  7. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) – New Delhi
    The institute was setup in the year 1995 by Lal Bahadur Shastri Educational Society. It is considered to be one of the best management college in India. LBSIM aims to provide quality education in the fields of Management and Information Technology, coping all the major aspects. LBSIM offers four PGDM full time programmes – PGDM, PGDM-Finance, PGDM-Logistics & Supply Chain Management and PGDM-Research and Business Analytics. Best among the colleges to apply for mba. The academic fee for the last session was INR 11 lacs. LBSIM is known for its reputation and is tied-up with a good no. of companies. The institute recorded 100% placements for the last session with average CTC of INR 9 LPA and the highest CTC was INR 21 LPA. A gem among Best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR
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