Food and Nutrition Management Careers after 12th

As the current time is evolving, there are so different types of opportunities available now for the students. They can now study anything they want as well as a suitable path gets available for them where they can make their interests and hobbies as their source of living as well. Perks of being Food and […]

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight as a Teenager – My 10 Tips

While losing weight, most of the people gets demotivated as dieting requires lots of efforts. But you can only lose your weight if you will do exercises consistently and by avoiding some sugar and oily stuff you can lose your weight. Sticking to any plan is actually a difficult task without motivation. Contrary to the […]


Gym lovers, fitness enthusiasts and people who generally never miss a single workout have been facing this issue of gyms getting closed during lockdown in various countries across the globe. Their lives have been impacted economically and socially, but working out is something that can be done anywhere including ones own home. At a time […]

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