Every generation sees a revolution that changes the way we work, sleep,think. We are lucky to witness a life changing revolution called NET and GOOGLE is the father on it.Just think about 10 years back, how we use to communicate with persons in other cities, other countries. We use to write letters, post them and it used to take 15-30 days to reach its destination. And the person recieving it would reply it,post it and again it would take 15-30 days to reach. Normally it would take one month to communicate. Now with the advent of the net and digital platforms, here you send an email and within the next five minutes you get a reply. WOW!! That is what is called speed. And how it has changed our lives is beyond imagination.

Also, do you all remember how we all used to search contact information . The most popular was Yellow pages.We would grab the latest issue of the yellow pages directory at the earliest and would go through it like a hell.But as the space was limited,so was the information. Now Google has changed all that. And with the advent of time, Yellow pages have become History.Nobody uses it now .You just enter the information you want to have, and wow, with a single click of the mouse , your required information is in front of you . It is for no reason that google is worshipped like a God. Have you experienced the time when you are without net connectivity and how you had started looking like a fool.That is what happens when God is not around. It has been rightly said that upar Bhagwan hai aur neechey Google.

You should not over rely on technology. You use the technology and don’t let technology use you.

Benefits of Digital Marketing.

  1. Cost-effective. Digital Marketing is cost-effective. You can achieve your goals with just a fraction of your expenses on Traditional marketing platforms.
  2. Far reach. Digital marketing has very deep reach. It can reach where traditional platforms can never ever think of being there.

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