Dos and Don’ts for Social Media 2019

How social media efforts will help you to achieve your brand’s goal,Here are some dos and dont’s which you should follow.


  • Let your thoughts be heard

When posting any blog on social media,let your readers see your thoughts and perception .It also reflects your personality.Many other user will read your blog in search of the creative content ,how you write it,how you display it.Share your experience in such a way that it attracts the viewers and engage the readers.

  • Think twice before you post

Before you post any content on your personal social media account ,you should keep in mind that this reflects inner you and can affect many people’s view.
It might impact your relations with friends ,family,business ,customer’s etc.
Try to avoid to write the post on politics,gender,religion .

  • Be realistic

Show your readers the real you which makes it easier for them to relate to your business.
Display your work by making the video with the people working on real time ,posting photos of your team at any event .
It is the effective way to display your business or brand and showing the trust by customers.

  • Write for your readers

Always focus on your content keeping in mind the readers get help through that.Write in simple and not complex way that audience will understand.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t respond to negative influencer or trolls

Responding to the negative influencer or trolling on some post can be very harmful. Don’t waste time and energy on responding them ,it may also affect your brand.

  • Don’t try to be on every platform

It is not necessary that to be on all social media platform ,it will result in growth in the business.Trying to maintain multiple platform can reduce your effectiveness.
Focus on the account that give good result in less time .

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