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Elon Musk Announced The Tesla Cybertruck | The Fastest Pickup Truck

Recently Elon Musk Announced Tesla Cybertruck, This is fastest pickup truck. Having many features Elon musk announced this on 21st November 2019. People wear addicted of the different oil engines and traditional designs of trucks, which made us bore and these traditionally trucks wear not giving so much feel. This was the big failure that no one worked on it before, besides we got only new brands and models of the trucks in the market. This is a trailer of the good future which shows to us by Elon Musk as Tesla Cybertruck.

If we talk about the truck, it directly represent it’s look, speed and it’s substantial body. The Tesla Cybertruck has ultra hard steel body and it’s bullet proof. The armor glass will keep secure from outside danger.
Elon Musk announced 3 versions of this truck-
In all models of cybertruck some features are common 250kW+ supercharging, autopilot, adaptive air suspension, on-board 120/240 AC outlets.

Model Specifications

1- Single Moter RWD

Single Moter RWD model have range 250+ miles or 400 km, in 0-6.5 seconds it 60 mph/ 0-97 km/h. The top speed of the single moter RWD is 110 mph/ 177kmh, this model of cybertruck payload 3500 lbs/ 1500 kg. It has towing capacity of 7500+ lbs./ 3.1 tonnes of, and you can buy this truck only on $39,900 in Indian rupee this amount is Rs.2864668.33 only.

2- Dual Moter AWD

Dual Moter AWD can go 300+ miles/ 482 km, in first 4.5 seconds this model of cybertruck speedup 0-60 mph/ 0-97 km/h. The top speed of the Dual Moter AWD is 120 mph/ 193km/h. This model of cybertruck payload 3500 lbs/ 1500 kg. The towing capacity is 10,000+ lbs/ 4.5 tonnes of. You can buy this model on the amount of $49,900 / in Indian Rupee this amount is Rs. 3582594.33 only.

3- Tri Moter AWD

The Tri Moter AWD model can complete 500+ miles/ 800 km after charge. In Less than 2.9 seconds this model speed up 0-60 mph/ 0-97 km/h. The top speed of this version is 130mph/ 209km/h. This model of cyber truck payload of 3500 lbs/ 1500 kg. The towing capacity of this version is 14,000+ lbs / 6.3 tonnes of. You can buy this on $69,900 in Indian rupee this amount is Rs. 5018446.33 only.

This cybertruck is faster than F-150 and Porsche 911. The Greatest evolution of functions in the automobile.

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Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash
3 years ago

This is really very good design I like this more and also it’s features. This is really very fastest pickup truck.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anand Prakash

Thanks a lot Mr. Anand that you have read this blog and gave a review on “cybertruck”. This is a very amazing vehicle and everyone attracted when it’s announced by Elon Musk. Features, model, speed, ultra-hard body everything really very amazing and most attractive thing is its price. Anyone can afford this, It means in the upcoming 2 to 3 years you will see this cybertruck everywhere.

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