Excess use of Mobiles does not affect Mental Health

One gets to read some news on the side effects caused by the use of smartphones and mobiles. According to a recent study the use of mobile does not adversely affect mental health.

Many research on the side effect caused by the use of smartphones continues. The decision is always going on especially on children and teenagers. But now the latest teenagers in the latest study are not as bad as spending time online and on smartphones.

The Assistant Professor of the University of North Carolina states that as the smartphone is believed to have a poor impact on the mental health of youth, he disagrees.

According to a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, researchers surveyed over 2000 teenagers. His age was between 10 and 15. Researchers took the Mental Health Reports of the use of technology every night.

They tried to find out if the use of digital technology showed some signs of mental health in children, but found that the use of increased technology did not show any deterioration in their mental health.

Researchers said that those who sent more messages were found to be less depressed than those sending fewer messages. Researchers said that it is better to use technology properly than not using it at all.

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