Financial Freedom-Answer to all your Money problems.

Financial Freedom.


Nowadays, there is very noise about financial freedom. What is this term financial freedom means which people are talking about? Financial freedom is to spend whatever expenses come your way during your life’s journey but only legitimate expenses. And I repeat legitimate. Because spending on lotteries, gambling can’t be counted as being financially free, because these earnings can and will boomerang in the long term. So, financial freedom is when you are able to meet all your legitimate expenses without being worried about from where you will have to pay. Though no matter how much expenses are expected to be done, this has already been planned a long time back. And these people know that just having a single source of income, however high it is won’t make them financially free. So, what do these people do? They start investing early in shares, realty sector, etc. As investing in Properties require a hefty amount, and a person just starting his professional career may not be having that amount of money, what he does. The best way to start your journey to financial freedom is to start investing in Equities/shares. Now, the question may be asked as to how a person, new to investing in shares, select the shares to invest in. The best way is to start with nifty fifty shares/blue-chip shares. Always check the promoter’s history, fundamentals etc. before investing in any stock.

Now the human mind is at work. It wants to do something on its own and wants to do as per his instincts. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. But once you invest your hard-earned money in stocks, it is gone forever, and you can’t do anything about that. In addition to go as per his own inner voice, a person is generally tempted to go as per what his social circle is doing and by word of the mouth publicity. And there is nothing wrong with that. But do quick research yourself before investing in such stocks.

Also, after trying to do his/her bits in the stock market, a person tries to invest in penny stocks, many stories of rags to riches stories he has heard. What they don’t know is how much research they have put in to find this one stock. And they just go blindly after the stock which is going cheap, thereby losing all the money in the process.

So, what should be the actual ratio of stocks to be invested in after considering all the above possibilities.

  1. Blue- chip stocks 70% of the portfolio.
  2. Self instincts 10% of the portfolio.
  3. Social circle recommendations 10% of the portfolio.
  4. Penny stocks 10% of the portfolio.

These are my personnel recommendations. You are requested to please seek professional advice before investing in equities and start your journey to financial freedom.

The above was just one of the steps to financial freedom. Many to follow.

Start a Youtube channel. Starting a youtube channel is the next step in attaining financial freedom. Every person is born with some inbuilt qualities and a subject in which he has knowledge and mastery. He need not be literate. Even a person selling food and vegetables on the street can start a youtube channel. But he has to select a particular niche for his youtube channel. Because selecting a particular niche and making youtube videos withing that category will bring in faithful followers on your youtube channel and can make your youtube videos go viral. Creating a youtube channel is totally free, and you need not invest even a single paise for creating it. In fact, you will earn from your youtube channel, once it becomes popular and you have regular followers on youtube.

Make a Facebook page. You all must be having a Facebook account. In today’s time, Facebook is one of the best social media to pass time. But do you know, you can actually use Facebook to earn money. Just create a Facebook page on your account and start putting posts relevant to your business/service in it. You will see customers and inquiries flowing in during the passage of time.

Start a rental income. The best way to be financially free is to start a rental income. Rental income works best when you are living in your own home. And if you are living in a rented house, the best thing for you will be to take a house on Emi, no matter how small the house is. And try to keep the EMI lower than the rent you are currently paying. In this way, you will be owning the house as well as increasing your disposable income.


Though you can be financially free by following the above steps, certain pitfalls have also to be avoided while on the journey.

  1. Say no to Credit Cards. When you want to be financially free, you have to avoid credit cards at all costs. What is seen that after using credit cards, people are not payable to make the payment or do not want to make the payment, resulting in charging of cumulative interest and late payment charges on the outstanding amount? This results in the small outstanding amount slowly and steadily growing into a bigger amount and ultimately going out of hands. So, on your way to financial freedom, avoid credit cards at all cards.
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