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Food and Nutrition Management Careers after 12th

As the current time is evolving, there are so different types of opportunities available now for the students. They can now study anything they want as well as a suitable path gets available for them where they can make their interests and hobbies as their source of living as well.

Perks of being Food and Nutrition Expert:

It is observed nowadays that most of the young people have developed their interest in cooking. Cooking is not limited to girls only, boys are equally participating and showing their interest in it. It is a handful skill which can be learnt by anyone at anytime and any age. Knowing the art of preparing food is going to benefit them all in so many ways.

If we talk about professionalism, almost every Indian likes to eat delicious outside food and because of that, restaurants are earning good amount of money for serving the fine quality food made by their chefs. If you can cook delicious food then you can be a good chef in any restaurant and you will be paid a good amount of salary as well.

And except for restaurants, dhabas also run very well because of the Indian food they serve. People like to go and eat outside on weekends and they look for best restaurants or dhabas for that.

Not just that, the perks of being a food and nutrition diet expert are so many that you can’t imagine. Your knowledge becomes useful in the gyms as with the effective exercise, gym trainers also give the knowledge of eating right food with balanced diet to their members. Some people also hire fitness and diet experts to plan their food routine.

You can start your own catering company as well. There are so many persons who are the successful example in this field like Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, and many other persons who are expert and experienced in this skill and they have made their hobby as a reputed profession.

The simple options for a long-term career in Diploma in Food and Nutrition course includes the employment in various organizations such as:-

Food service departments of hospitals

Long-term care homes

Renowned hotels

Catering Companies

Schools and colleges

Retirement community centers etc.

Nowadays the criteria of education regarding any skillful activity has changed so much that you can get certified by learning any set of skill properly under any university or institute and they will provide you certificate or degree for that. With the changing times, a vast number of gateways got open now to professionally earn well if you are skilled.

And just like that the idea of getting diploma in Food and Nutrition Diet is also getting everyone’s attention now. And cooking various kinds of dishes perfectly is actually not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a creative talent which comes with a lot of practice and experience and hundreds of mistakes were committed towards the journey of perfection. The working professionals can also pursue nutrition management course online to hone their cooking skills utilizing their weekend offs for learning this beautiful art.

With the true passion, such dreams can be achieved like becoming a skilled chef and such facilities are the perfect gateways towards the path where you can learn your interest of cooking more better and perfectly.

Food & Nutrition Courses Options after 12th:

After clearing the high school, you get access to so many kinds of professional degree courses and diplomas you want. The option of studying your interests and hobbies professionally looked useless before but not now. In this 21st century, every person with any kind of hobby and internet can make a good earning by making himself expert in the respective set of skill.

Students are now-a-days getting encouraged to study what they wish and the required facilities for that are also made available by the government. Like if you want to learn singing, dancing, painting, acting, cooking, etc. more efficiently there are verified professional institutions having expertise to teach the respective skills.

If your interest is in learning to cook them don’t worry. The scope of its learning is quite wide as mentioned earlier and you can now study and gain knowledge of cooking more efficiently.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for the Diploma:

Unlike older times, there are professional institutions with the skilled teachers available to teach students things of their interest efficiently. There are diplomas offered by different institutions have their respective time period of course. It can be a one year Diploma or a degree course of 2-3 years also.

Usually diploma in food and nutrition diet can be pursued after clearing your senior school. This diploma can be of 6 months up till 2 years plus practical internship is very important to get the real feel of this delicate but delicious career. There is a great scope of pursuing an MBA in food and nutrition in India as this can open career doors on international circuit as well.

Interested candidates who are looking for admission to this program must have passed their Class 12 or equivalent in relevant discipline from a recognized board. Admission to this program is basically granted on the basis of candidate’s performance in the Class 12 board examination.

The candidates looking to learn the creative art of culinary, expertise in the field of Food and Nutrition or if they are a fitness freak then this course is well suited for them. There are quite a handful of prestigious institutes which offer best nutrition certification in India. I will share their details here shortly.

The Diploma in Food and Nutrition course provides their students with essential knowledge regarding their important subjects, basic fundamental principles and some innovative practices involved in this field.


After clearing this course, the students get certified to work professionally and they can easily get jobs with their various profiles suitable to them such:-

Expert diet technician

Skilled nutrition manager

Smart marketing/sales consultant

Freelance business catering management

Concerned food service supervisor

Expert quality control manager

Food and Nutrition Management Salary

Salary may range initially from 2L to 4L annually but with experience seasoned professionals can easily earn 12L to 20L annually also. Always remember that the salary totally depends on candidate’s experience and knowledge. It really gives fruitful results. Interested ones must give a try to this!

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