Full Form.

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone is using abbreviations as and when they can, INSTEAD OF THE FULL FORM. But these abbreviations can be b understood only by the select few. What about the majority?

Here I am trying to give the full form of abbreviations used routinely in day to day conversation.

  1. PAN: Full form of PAN is a Permanent account number. Used by the Income-tax department, used to keep the records of Income-tax assessee under one roof.
  2. PDF Full form of PDF is a Portable document format. Generally used in the computer industry to send a good deal of data from one system to another.
  3. ATM Full form of ATM is an Automated teller machine. A machine generally used to withdraw Cash.
  4. IFSC Full form of IFSC is the Indian financial system code. It is a code assigned as an identity to a Bank Branch.
  5. OK Whenever we agree with another person, we say ok, without knowing what is the full form of OK. The full form of ok is OLL KORRECT, but during the course of time, it was taken as All Correct because its pronunciation very nearly relates to it.
  6. GOOGLE. Google is the most viral word being used nowadays. In general conversation and in the Professional field also, Google is the most used word. We use it every day without even knowing what does GOOGLE stands for. The full form of Google is the Global organization of oriented group language of Earth.
  7. YAHOO The second most popular word used in the computer industry is YAHOO. Though Yahoo is known mostly for its mail, it is also doing a great job in the business promotion area. Full form of Yahoo is Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.
  8. COMPUTER. In today’s Tech-savvy world, Computer is the most commonly used word. But very few people know the full form of COMPUTER. Full form of computer is Common oriented Machine particularly united and used under Technical and Educational research.
  9. ISO. ISO is a certificate confirming that the organization has achieved a certain quality level in its unit. The full form of ISO is International standards organization.
  10. CAA. Nowadays, Indian Media is full of CAA and NRC. Full form of CAA is Citizen Amendment Bill, which is an act of giving Citizenship to the individuals coming from particular countries during a particular time.
  11. NRC Full form of NRC is National register of Citizens, which will be used to deport illegal immigrants from India.

What is the difference between CAA and NRC?

Now, when CAA and NRC have been discussed, the next question obviously is as to what is the difference between CAA and NRC? CAA aims at fast-tracking Indian citizenship to 6 years for Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, and Christian coming from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Whereas NRC aims at deporting illegal immigrants to their respective countries.

12. GDP: Full form of GDP is Gross Domestic Product. It is the sum of all the products and services manufactured and rendered within the national boundary of a country.

13. EVM. Electronic voting machine is the full form of EVM. It is a form where people cast their votes through electronic machines instead of the traditional paper ballots.

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