Hi is not a two-letter word. It is, in fact, a whole sentence and a complete feeling. When you are angry with someone, you say Hi to show your concern, when you want to befriend a person, a simple Hi would start the conversation rolling. Whether you are happy or you are not , a simple Hi should be able to make the groundwork you are trying to plan for things. So, start greeting other persons with HI, AND SEE YOUR PERSONALITY CHANGING FOR THE BETTER.

HI is simple way of asserting yourself and making you an extrovert. Being introvert is not a liability, but in today’s world, you have to be extrovert to extract maximum from this world. And when I say extract maximum from this world, I mean only legible requirement. Because nature works in its own peculiar way. It knows very well what is genuine and what is not. So, be honest to yourself and say HI all of the things you want from Nature and see the things happening around you.

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