How fast is 5G Internet

5G Network – Taking Over or Over Taking

In CES 2019, the Global stage had a discussion on the launch of 5G network. Technology is being discussed at the moment, whether it is going to be as effective as it seems. Several trials have been conducted to understand the pace and intensity of the new technology and things will be clear post launch only. Sources have revealed on the delayed launch of the technology, and here we are to share some insights on 5G technology and how actual fast it is from 4G, and the highlight of this article that by when it is likely to come in the market. Let’s put an end to all of the curiosity and dig deeper to have an understanding of the concept.

The champion of all races

Refer to the reports and saying of Samsung, the giant claims for 5G Technology as wireless fiber network through which you will get super-fast internet with minimal latency everywhere. Adding to the said reports, 5G network is going to be faster than any home cable internet connection and that too through a wireless network, making it hassle-free.

5G shall be called as an industry standard, which is going to be way faster than the currently running 4G LTE standard. The fifth-generation network has emerged as 5G which is going to take the place of 4G network in the similar way as 4G took the place of 3G. Discussing about 4G LTE technology or reviewing the experience of 4G Network, 5G network is expected to be much faster and stronger than former technology. Future is about to reach the doorstep where all the smartphones and other devices are going to get equipped with 5G instead of 4G LTE technology.

The speed surpasses that of the Bullet Train !!

Excitement is on the peak regarding the speed of the 5G network. If we talk about 4G, then it is capable of giving the maximum speed of 100 megabytes per second i.e. 100Mbps, while 5G network is being rumoured to come with a whopping speed of 10 Gigabytes per second, i.e. 10Gbps. The speed results out to be 100 times faster than 4G network, which is self-acclaimed to be highest internet speed ever.


Taking an example to understand the concept in depth, say currently on 4G and 3G networks, you can download a two-and-a-half-hour movie in 6 minutes and 26 seconds respectively, however using 5G network to download same movie, the time would be reduced to a mere 3.6 seconds. However, 5G technology’s confinement is beyond just the speed and it has really worked on low latency rate. Low latency results out in super-fast load time, as well as the quick response.

5G network is speculated to work on a completely new radio spectrum band, using millimetre waves in depth and then broadcasting a frequency that works at 30 to 300 GHz. Comparing the bandwidth to 4G technology, the former works at 6 GHz. The new technology has been under use for communication between satellite and radar systems, though millimetre waves cannot travel easily between any building or any other solid object. Thus, a small miniature-based station has been established approximately every 250 meters to overcome the hindrance or limitation.

A little Technical Lingo!

This is how 5G ensures to provide good coverage at any place. These base stations also use massive MIMO (Multiple input and Multiple output). It seems to be a great possibility that forthcoming technology enable the home wireless routers to work on MIMO technology, which might have an influence of a lot of antennas to work on coordination between many different devices. Massive MIMO can use multiple antennas at the same base station at the same time. The network is quite feasible and strong due to other impacts as well.

The technology is being discussed for a long time and dropping a hint on when is it approaching the market is still suspicious. If we refer to the reports and reviews of USA, then it can be said that the technology has already hit the market almost a year back when Verizon brought a non-standard 5G version in the second phase of 2018. Further, 5G technology is also being used as home internet in about 5 different cities.

Talking about the Loopholes…..

However, devices that support 5G cannot be connected to it due to certain loopholes in the connectivity. It is believed that the devices are being designed and manufactured with compatibility to the fifth generation or 5G technology service but this technology may still take some time to arrive and 5G network is expected to hit the market in many countries, including India, by 2020.

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