How Much Peanuts Per Day For Weight Loss?

Have you ever wondered which is better Almonds or Peanuts?

You will be surprised to know that peanuts carry more protiens than almonds and they are also rich in other important nutrients. That’s why it is called “Almonds of the poor”

How Peanuts are great for weight loss?

Everyone knows that peanut has many benefits of health. All of the sportsmen have peanuts in their diet. Some use peanut butter and Some use raw peanut as a snack. There are more other products of peanuts like peanut oil, peanut flour, etc. Peanuts are rich in protein, fat, fiber and other healthy nutrients. Food that is rich in protein can help you to burn more calories.

You may have seen mostly that every second energy bar has peanuts this is because peanuts are rich in fiber which keeps your energy at a high level. You can also have roasted peanuts with some salt in your snack time which is far better than junk food. They also help in easy bowel movement.

How Nutritious are Peanuts?

Well, peanuts contains saturated fats which make it’s a heart-healthy food. Peanuts contain all of the essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, carbohydrate, vitamin B-3, vitamin E, Vitamin B-1 and vitamin B-6. This is basically a mixture of perfect food diet. peanut snacks are better than chips, biscuits, cakes etc.

Peanut helps in building and repairing body cells as it has a good amount of protein. eating peanuts or having peanuts related products in your diet has the 3 most important health benefits.
1) Supporting heart health
2) Maintaining a healthy weight
3) managing blood sugar

Many studies about peanuts proved that despite having high calories and fat, peanuts do not appear to contribute to weight gain. Besides, it reduces the risk of obesity and maintains a healthy weight. Gall stones are commonly found in every country. It also reduces the risk of gallstone.

Two observation studies prove that peanut consumption may cut the risk of gall stones. It contains some antioxidants the same as red wine, which, may lower the cancer risk.

You can have great health benefits from eating peanuts in your daily diet. It can be a great addition to plant-forward lifestyle.

How much peanuts can I eat at a time?

Ideally, 1-2 handfuls of peanuts are enough per day because they may upset your tummy if eaten in excess. They can also cause constipation which I personally experienced. I eat a lot of peanuts along with jaggery in winters.

When is the best time to eat peanuts?

If you have a normal work routine without gymming then you should eat peanuts in the morning or in the afternoon. Avoid eating peanuts at night or after your dinner because they tend to be heavy. If you are a regular gym goer or have a hyper active lifestyle involving good amount of physical exertion then you can eat peanuts anytime you like because your metabolism will be adequate to digest those quite easily & quickly.

What type of peanuts should we consume?

Ideally, roasted peanuts are the best. Fried peanuts will caryy excess oil which will harm your weight loss or fitness goal. roasted peanuts with jaggery is a good option and tasty too.

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