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How to Avoid Counterfeit Products – 10 Practical Tips


  • Bogus websites

When shopping online, the user must be aware of any kind of websites that are bogus as one can easily fall prey to these kind of websites. One must check the URL. You can also have the confirmity of the site by searching for ’https’. It helps you to ensure that the website you are using is real. There are also certain sites which help you to check whether the website is real or not such as Scam adviser.

  • Faulty logos and trademarks

It is as easy to find fake or faulty logos or the brand name as finding the spelling mistakes. If the user is attentive enough he will be able to easily find and observe the difference between a fake and a real logo.

If at all you are not able to identify whether the brand name is bogus, you can easily take the picture of the same and check it with the original one. If fake there will surely be a mistake either in the spelling or the font in which the name is written.

  • Packaging the product unstably

Good brands take a lot of care for the packaging of the product. If you receive a product which is shabbily packed, improper material used for packing, or if you receive a product without any kind of packing ,chances are that the product is unreal.

  • There can be spelling erorrs

While buying any kind of a product be cautious and do not forget to read the name of the brand. Chances are that if the product is unreal there will surely some kind of a visible defect. For example ‘puma’ may be written as ‘pooma’. You can also compare the product numbers with the original ones.

  • Mismatching guideline

The brands always mention the serial numbers and the guidelines on the product. They also mention the patent rights and the trademark. Fake product may lack some of these details. So by checking the trademark or the specific guideline we can easily identify the original product.

  • Omitted fixtures or material

While you are opening the product do not forget to check whether all the other parts of the product are available with the product or not. Also, check for the warranty card and the manual of instructions. It will be better if you check all the things before buying.

  • No helpline number

If there is no detail of the manufacturer’s whereabouts such as his contact number, email id or the address of manufacturing, this means that you do not have anyone to solve a query regarding the product. It will be best if you do not buy such products. If details are written try to verify.

  • Fake discounts

Today, we are able to fetch a number of deals on famous brands easily which are available online. One should know the limit of the discounts usually brands put in their items. If the discount is as low as 70-80%, then you are definitely dealing with the fake product.

  • Bad product quality

The fake product are often made by using material which is very cheap and unsuitable. Even the shape of the product can be unalike. Products with bad quality are bound to break or expire very early.

  • Unlicensed centers

It is advisable to buy all the electronic items from registered and licensed retailers only. Unauthorized retailers may give you attention seeking discounts but this can prove to be harmful. Do not forget to check the registered details of the retailer online.

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