How to Become a Ethical Hacker for Beginners

In this internet world hacking and hackers are considered criminals. Nowadays commonly we hear about the news of anonymous cyber attacks. But Ethical hacking is the type of hacking that is used for good reason.

3 Types of Hackers

White hat is used as an internet slang for an ethical hacker. There are 3 types of hacker white hat, black hat and grey hat. Black hat hacker is also known as an unethical hacker. And the last Grey hat hackers, they are Hybrid of black and white hat. They can hack any system but they will never steal or damage any data or information.

An ethical hacker does a work of security purposes. A malicious hacker and ethical hacker have the same skills but they work differently and different according to law. Ethical hackers’ skills are used legitimate, lawful manner to undertake to search out the vulnerability and fix before the bad guys can get there and try to interruption.

Skill-set needed to become an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacker works to create the system better and prevent from the breach. In an internet world career as an ethical hacker is a good promising option. An ethical hacker should be a creative person with a creative mind. A creative mind help to hack or to prevent the data by the look in out all possible pros and cons.

Being an analytical and logical thinker they have the nature of problem solver which also gives them an investigator nature like Sherlock Holmes. All hackers have patience and passion to face the challenges and solve the challenges. Basically they are computer genius, have all the knowledge of computers including languages like C, C++, Perl, Java, etc.

Career Scope of an Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers are growing very quickly and in large numbers. As all the companies or other business work online. The more work in e-commerce the more requirement of safety. All they need cyber security. The more online data, transactions and sensitive work carried online increases the pressure of cyber safety.

Government and private organizations need the recruitment of ethical hackers. Companies hire and ethical hacker for their own prevention of data, and to be able to identify and loophole where an ill-intentioned hacker could create damage.

The work of ethical hackers in companies is to help the company in making its network, database, transactions & communication hacking-proof. Working with the developers to advise about security needs and Updating policies and procedures from time to time it just the first step. Testing and developing of the computers and networks in one of the necessary parts.

You can work in agencies like Law enforcement agencies, Military, Defence organization, CBI, Diplomatic communications, Banks, Airlines, Retail networks, and as a freelancer. We have some Famous names of hackers: Jonathan James, Kevin Mitnick, Mark Abene, etc.

Eligibility Criteria to Become an Ethical Hacker

After reading all the perks of being an ethical hacker, you may be wonder how to become one. So, here are the eligibility criteria, After 10+2 you can go for B.Sc in IT or Computer Science and allied fields or You can also pursue Masters of the same degrees by applying the GATE test which is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

A few specialized courses are necessary which are Certificate course in Ethical Hacking, PG diploma in Information Security and System Administration, M.Sc in Cyber Forensic and Information Security, in Cyber Security and Information Security.

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