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How to Become RJ in Radio Mirchi?

First of all we should know what is the work of a radio jockey.  So basically the work of a radio jockey is to entertain us.  They do different kind of things to entertain us when we connect to a particular channel. Some play songs, some recite stories, some RJs make us laugh by sharing different kinds of jokes in between the music. They talk with us and perform many more similar fun stuff. They also take interviews of celebrities or politicians.

They must know how to engage the audience and different age groups.

Sometimes they have to work late nights and even live shows. Live shows are very difficult to handle because such shows are live and they cannot make any mistake.                                                                           


After completing  12th  you can apply for a radio jockey. There is no entrance exams for the courses. There are also some short term courses by which we can learn the work of a radio jockey. The main thing is that your voice should be clear, fluent and attractive. The aspirants of RJ career must be self-confident, talkative, and creative.

There is no subject choosing in this field. You can do this with any stream chosen in class XII.

One important radio jockey skill which is worth sharing is that A Radio Jockey should indulge in regularly reading newspaper articles, website blogs and should watch news. This is because you can’t connect to your local audience without having knowledge of what’s happening around them, what troubles they are facing, what issues are burning in their heart.

To connect you have feel their pulse.

Qualifications to become a Radio Jockey

There are a few interesting ways to enter this exciting & fun-filled field of career. I will update more such options later on also. In the meantime, let’s have a look at a few of those.

Radio Programming and Broadcast Management diploma:

your age must be (18 to 35) , you should have cleared at least (12th) by any known board, you have to clear a (voice/ writing) test and an interview after it .

Radio Production and Radio Jockey diploma  :

The duration of this course is 6 months, weekly classes,, you have to pass out at least 12th class.

Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management :

You have to do graduation in any field with 60% marks, an entrance exam , voice test.

Radio Jockey certificate course  :

Duration of this course is just 3 months, you have to clear your 12th with any known board.

Various Specializations which can be mastered by a Radio Jockey:-

In this field you should have different abilities. You can apply in different fields. According to your field of interest, as you progress in this domain, you can choose your niche in which you feel your soul attachment, you feel the zeal while talking about a particular subject or topic like sports, fashion, current affairs, social issues, sports etc. Accordingly, you can take up a specialization as per the list below. But, remember that this option is not guaranteed to happen to every RJ in the industry. So you have to play the game as per the rules and wait for the bonus round.

–  FM/AM Radio Jockeys:

– Talk Radio Jockeys:

– Sports Talk Radio Jockeys:  

Satellite Radio Jockeys: 

Radio Jockey Salary:-

GOVERNMENT SECTOR:  There are many government organisations like (AIR) ALL INDIA RADIO, and other radio stations in government sections. The salary is high in the following places, they also have job securities and other benefits of funds, allowances, perquisites, and retirement pension etc.

PRIVATE SECTOR:  Big companies like (radio mirchi, big FM , radio mid-day, radio wani, radio star and many more ) there are no such facilities like government sector but once the RJ becomes famous, salary also inflates proportionately.

As a rough estimate, a new entrant may earn less than or equal to around 30,000 Indian Rupees. As the popularity of the RJ and his/her show increases, the salary definitely increases too and it may reach around 2 lakhs per month. And don’t forget the stardom enjoyed by you, the fan following, the media hype. Everything can’t be measured in terms of money dear. At least a few of these experiences are priceless. You can just feel the vibes of those dreamy moments for which your heart is yearning. So why are you waiting friend? Go & entertain the world with your enchanting style and heart-warming voice.

CONCLUSION:- radio jockey is a good career as it is fun loving and you have chance to meet different types of people and celebrities , working hours are also flexible, and scope of growth in this career is good.

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