How to Build USP of Your Business

Today, there is a lot of competition in any field that you could possibly imagine for doing business. After a lot of research and hardship you finally succeeds in establishing your own business plan.

Now imagine one day someone comes to your office and before placing a big order just wants the answer to a single question. Which is – “What is it that your business services provide that no one else in the market can?” or simply put ” How is your business better than others?

The answer to this question is simple yet difficult to present to others. There is a quality of every business which is always unique, this quality has the power of taking your business to new and much glorious heights. The only thing required is to make that quality presentable and attractive.

This quality is called USP.

Unique Selling Proposition

Now the question arises, How to build this USP? Let’s discuss this in detail:-

1. What does a customer want?

There is no limit of caring your customers. The more you care the better it is for your business’s USP. Try to fulfill their needs, get to know about their expectations, interests, how much they are ready to pay, the satisfaction they get from every penny spent by them. When you will be able to satisfy all their wants then finally you can believe yourself to be first step up in the process of building an amazing and convincing USP.

2. Be different

It’s important to keep an eye on all that a competitor is doing. For presenting yourself in a good way, it is much needed to provide a customer what it can get from others in the market along with something different. Explore new ideas, take initiatives, try new innovations and make yourself identifiable among a large crowd just like a lion does from a group of dogs.

3. Good Feedback system

It is a two way process between a service provider and its customers. Businesses usually keep on improving by their ends but still do not get much expected results. The main reason behind this is the blockage or slow moving second end management. Therefore, it becomes extremely important so as to improve the feedback system of all the products and services. It should be made easy and quick responsive structure of networks. So that, any grievance of the customer can be resolved in a moment or a few.

4. Creating customer-centric environment

A customer will never go to a store where he has already tasted a bad experience. The negative publicity it spreads also needs to be taken into consideration. It can cut down the overall life of business whereas positive publicity can increase the life. Also, a customer would not like to visit a store where staff doesn’t advise or assist properly. On the other hand, these points after getting fixed can make a business unique.

5. Undoubtedly ” Customer is The King”

Arrange that extra facility, walk that another kilometer, provide hone deliveries, spend that extra fixed cost. Do all, that is practically possible because above all, Customer is the king. Sometimes, nothing counts but if you have a large customer network who are loyal then it is the biggest USP for any business.

As you know the next & more important step after building USP of your business is How to Market Your USP? I have tried to touch upon that topic also in this article. More will be covered in a separate Post upon the same.

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Manoj Saxena
Manoj Saxena
3 years ago

Useful Article!

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