How to get Google Adsense Approval?

Now a days it is digital marketing all over the place and noise of work from Home and earning online. Many things may be genuine and many may be a scam. A person after putting in his time and effort , and when his time comes to reap the benefits in the form of earning revenue, comes to know that the whole thing was a scam. It may not be true for all the websites, but majority of them are just time wasting and a scam. To avoid this, Google has started a ADSENSE programme which allows you to work from the comfort of your home and earn with Google. The easiest and the most popular form of earning with google is to start a blog.

Now the big question Comes. How to get Google Adsense approval for your blog? How to earn with Google? Actually this is the last step in the whole process. We will go step by step and reach the conclusion of how to earn with google/ how to get adsense approval in the end.

  1. Have an Idea/Niche. For you to start a successful blog, you must have an idea for which you are passionate about and which you think you can write day in and day out continuously with conviction. This is also called selecting a Niche. Actually selecting a Niche is the first and the most important step in starting a blog.IF you have an idea, of which you are very much passionate about, and which you think you can write about, that is what you should focus on while writing a blog. Niche/Idea is one and the same thing in this blogging world. An idea, when it takes concrete form becomes a niche.
  2. Book a Domain. A domain is an address on the web where people will find you. So have a domain which you think will strike the right chord with your visitors. It is always advisable to have a niche name included in the domain itself so that the audience know beforehand what they are going to find here. e.g, if you are writing on health topics, book a domain that has health in it.And also if you are writing on digital marketing, book a domain that has digital marketing in it. Also, always try to get a .com domain, because it is more valuable and more sought after.
  3. Get a hosting.After getting an address in the form of domain, next step is to have place to put your things in the form of your ideas. And that is where hosting comes. Hosting is the place where you will upload your ideas and posts. You should take domain and hosting from a service provider that gives you round the clock service. I will recommend Godaddy and Hostgator as go to service providers.
  4. Start Posting. After getting the domain and the hosting,your blog is ready to go. Start posting your ideas and thoughts which you have planned for. Also note that your ideas and posts should be your original one and not copied and pasted from the net.Because Google appreciates the original work, but punishes the duplicate work.Your post should be of at least 800-10000 words and there should be at least 50 such posts before you apply for the Google adsense programme.
  5. Check for Duplicacy. As I have said in the previous point also, Google does not promote duplicate contents and comes down very harsh on the publishers who post duplicate content. Now there is a very genuine question being asked is that with so much information on the net, how are we going to check whether the content is duplicate or not. See if Google punishes you for duplicate content, it also gives you tools to check whether your content is original or not.The tool is called Copyscape. After posting,you can put the link on the copyscape to check for duplicate content, and take corrective action, if any.
  6. Get an SSL certificate. Secure Sockets layer is the full form of SSL. It is a secure connection between a web server and a browser.It is generally known that other things remaining same between the two websites, google gives preferance to sites/blogs which have SSL certificates in its search results.You can get SSL certificate from the same service provider from where you have got the domain andthe hosting.
  7. Check again on Copyscape .After you have made 50 posts of about 1000 words each, your blog is ready to go for Adsense approval. But before that check again on Copyscape for any duplicate content and take corrective action.

Now that once your blog/site is AdSense approved, try getting traffic to your site and start earning. But make sure to put one new post every week and try updating at least one old post every week.


Now, the question arises, how to get traffic to your site. Nowadays, content is the king. The more you write on the blog, more are your chances of getting more traffic. But content has to be written intelligently. Means you niche specialisation has to be there, but you should also put keywords 4-6 times in the article you wants to rate.

Following these two points will drive traffic to your blog and generate more traffic for you.

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