How to lose weight

In today’s High technological world., Obesity has become a bane for the society. With too much fast food around and no physical activity, obesity has become a bane. Obesity occurs when your height weight ratio is a mismatch, and weight is abnormally high than required. Gaining weight has become a fashion in today’s world but people don’t understand that gaining weight brings with it many diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, joint problems, and many more related diseases. Just by losing weight, you can avoid diseases related to weight gain and obesity. Those who don’t understand the implications of being excess weight will do themselves a good job if they completely do some research and make themselves aware.

The Best ways to lose weight can be put as follows.

  1. WALKING Walking is the most effective way of losing weight. When people ask, how to lose weight? they should not wait for any answers, but simply start walking. A daily walk of half an hour, twice a day would do them a good job in the long term, the result of which can be seen even after 20-25 days. A single mistake people do after losing weight is that they become complacent and stop going for the walk, resulting in their gaining the weight again. So, walking should be made a habit and never let it go, because in addition to losing weight, walking is helpful in many cases of joints and Heart problems.

2. DIET CONTROL One of the reasons for people gaining weight is that they don’t have control of their eating habits. They would eat whatever comes their way and then pay the price by gaining weight. The second best way to lose weight is to control your diet. Whatever you eat has a strong bearing on your weight.

a) Avoid fruit juice and sugary drinks. They are known to increase weight.

b) Always chew your food well before taking it in. Chewing well makes the digestion easy and helps in controlling weight.

c) Drink more water Drinking water helps in reducing weight. But you can’t simply take hold of a glass of water and simply start drinking it. There are certain rules attached to the drinking of water. Water is to be always taken sip by sip and not to be drunk at one go. Also, water is to be taken while sitting only and not standing, as this will create knee problems. Water is always to be taken half an hour before the meals and one hour after the meal, and not to be taken in between the meals at any cost, as this will create more complications in the body.

Take small plates. Take small plates while eating. Studies have shown that people tend to eat less while eating in small plates.

AVOID TELEVISION, MOBILES DURING MEALS. Concentrate on meals only while you are eating. Watching television and busy on mobiles makes a person to overeat, resulting in weight gains. Thus, focus only on eating while taking food and not anywhere else.

Wake up early. Waking up early is good for the overall health and fitness of the body, and a person can excel in all areas of life simply by waking up early around 0430 hours. And controlling weight also comes under it. DOo nothing but wake up early and see the results in your life-changing for the better, including weight loss.

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