How to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes (Sugar): Major problem among Indian adults

It is a condition in which the balance of insulin hormones is not maintained in the body which results in increased levels of glucose in the blood. This is what majorly known as sugar or diabetes.

Diabetes or sugar has many bad effects on our health:-

√ It can cause a kidney failure.

√ It can weaken the eye muscles.

√ It can reduce the healing power of a body.

√ It can also cause itchiness in some cases.

√ It can cause dizziness on over stress situations.

To fulfill the need of insulin in body, it is injected by some special injections to keep it in control. It is also advised that a diabetic person should take care of their intakes.

A Good Reason to Become Vegan

There are some vegetables that people have their faith in. They are said to be really healthy for a person with diabetes. Such are:

Spinach (Paalak)

Papaya (Papita)

Bottle Gourd (Tori)

Ridged gourd (Lauki)

Bitter gourd (Karela)

Pointed gourd (Parmal) and

Turnip (Shalgam) etc.

Black Berry (Jaamun) is believed to be the most effective one out of all the things and is really popular among diabetic patients. People use it in many ways. Some have its juice, some peels, pulp and some prefers to have it all as a whole.

Greek Philosophy has a Treatment Formula for Diabetes

According to the Greek philosophy of treatment, they have a cure that is very effective for diabetes. To prepare it, one needs three ingredients namely

100g of gurmar plants

50 g of white cumin and

a few small green cardamom.

Important Note – Grind all the three ingredients properly.

Add 3 table spoon of the mixture with 1L water and leave it over night untouched. Next morning, start boiling this water and keep heating until only 75% of it is left.With this, the cure is ready to use. It is to be consumed 3 times day. Also keep in mind that this needs to be taken 2 hours before eating something.  After a regular consumption, the sugar will be in total control.

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