How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight as a Teenager – My 10 Tips

While losing weight, most of the people gets demotivated as dieting requires lots of efforts. But you can only lose your weight if you will do exercises consistently and by avoiding some sugar and oily stuff you can lose your weight. Sticking to any plan is actually a difficult task without motivation.

Contrary to the common belief, teenagers find it more difficult to stay motivated long enough to achieve the targeted weight loss because of a number of pressures mounting on them, especially Studies. Daily schooling and coaching hours drain out their batteries to the last extent.

Hence, in order to lose weight and stick to a diet plan strictly requires a lot of motivation and so here are some points that will give you tips on how to get motivation appropriately: –

1. You “WHY” should be clear:

This is not only for losing weight but also for everything you to want to achieve in your life. Whenever you get disappointed from your diet plan and efforts that you do to lose your weight then try to recall that why you have start following exercise routine and diet plans.
It’s ok if you are not getting in shape. Instead of getting disappointed, you should change the way you are doing activities or you should change your way in order get your body in shape but don’t stop until you wouldn’t achieve what you want!

2. Don’t keep your expectations too high:

There is not anything that you can accomplish in one attempt. If you really want to achieve anything bad enough then you have to do numerous attempt until you wouldn’t get that! Similarly, dreaming about getting in shape is too easy but taking actions for losing weight is quite difficult. If you start doing exercises and following diet plans by the thought of a quick weight loss, then you are absolutely wrong because it is a fact that if you are chubby today then it must have developed gradually and not quickly at all. Likewise, it is with losing weight. Set your targets small initially and only then you can expect weight loss.

3. Don’t focus on results:

Focusing on results leads straightly to disappointment from your own self. So, instead you should focus on process so that you can achieve best results quite early than you have expected. Also, focusing on process keeps you motivated all the time which will help you losing your weight.

4. Think Positively:

Positive thinking plays a very important role in any goal that you want to achieve. If you keep on thinking that you cannot lose weight, then you will follow any diet plan and do exercises you can’t lose weight instead you will gain more. Our thinking always affects our actions. The way you think your body will also react according to that. So always think positive, no matter what you do!

5. Love and appreciate yourself:

Appreciate yourself for every single action that you take for achieving weight loss. When you love your body you will automatically gain confidence and you will start taking care of yourself. Not only in the matter of weight loss, also in everything you do appreciate yourself.

6. Track your food intake:

The Health and Wellness Center at Langley Air Force Base, Va., offers portion control plates to assist in healthier eating practices. Each meal should include protein, vegetables, fruits and a grain, with each serving approximately the size of a fist. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Brittany Paerschke-O’Brien/Released)

Tracking your food intake will keep you updated so you will not consume more calories. The less calories you will eat the more quickly you will lose your weight. Also, it will keep you healthy and prevent from external infections and so on.

7. Follow your ideal:

According to a research, it has found that when you follow your ideal you will likely to lose your weight correctly and quickly. By following your ideal, you will make a clear image of exactly what you want and most probably you will also be like your ideal.

8. Keep dogs at your home:

It is a very true fact that dogs are the best companion for losing weight because indirectly or directly, dogs increase physical activities of humans which leads to weight loss. In addition to it, dogs give you immense pleasure and lessens the feeling of depression or loneliness. Dogs spread positivity wherever they go and also gives you happiness. In fact, dogs are proven to be very healthy for overall wellbeing of a human.

9. Consult your coach:

No one can guide you better than your coach. So, whenever you will feel that you are doing a lot of efforts but in return you are not getting expected results then consult your coach and he/she will tell you where you are making mistake and eventually, your coach will help you in losing maximum weight possible and get you in shape as well.

10. Do exercises that you enjoy:

Doing exercises for the sake of exercises is not sufficient for losing weight. If you really want to lose weight, then do exercises in which you will find joy and love doing it on a repeat mode only then you will be able to lose weight gradually.

This way you can find your motivation and you can easily able to lose weight and get your body in shape. It will also help you to change lifestyle positively and it will help you in every aspect of your life. Losing weight can be difficult but it is not impossible either. Do every possible thing that you can do to lose weight and gradually you will be able to motivate yourself for weight loss.

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