How to stay relevant to your employer ?

A continuous strive and thrive at workplace has become a need of an hour. Individuals must keep a pace and it shouldn’t just be bounded by their experience, credibility or skills but an accessible approach to work dynamics helps in evolving and boosts the performance of an individual.

Now when you’ve got the job, you should be working towards your next goal which probably should be ensuring your commitment and hunger to take an extra mile at work. so here are my tips for you to stay relevant to your Employer:

  1. Presence of Mind – Reaching at work place on time is good for one self and keeping your mental presence whilst working is equally important to stay relevant to your employer. Presence of mind helps better in focusing on your day’s objectives and gradually impact your overall performance. Give it in all and you may be surprised at the results.

2. Learn everyday – Take initiatives whenever and wherever you can. An organisation runs on numerous careers & portfolios and since it functions in a complex structure, there are still so many ways to ensure that you keep yourself updated. Be it reviewing your Company’s website, going through Bulletins or exploring the changes in the industry.

3. Adapt the Dynamics – Short vision is certain to shorter survival periods. There are factors involved beyond planning to achieve certain objectives. Success is not merely bound to achieve more than the set targets but to understand the factors which impact your performance. Try to work with a dynamic approach or you may miss out on the fact that your performance is directly impacting the company’s overall objectives.

4. The Network – Skills define “what” we Know and the quality of rapport defines “who” we know. Networking is essential for growth enhancement since it gives you the insights which might help you to serve better in your own role. Networking is a complex matrix based on regular interactions and it’s easy to connect with like-minded professionals and you could attain enormous knowledge at ease.

5. Accountability – It is clear that we get hired for itself can become redundant, if approach towards work is just limited to the work you’re entitled to. You should know your accountability to your employer as he/she is the one you look forward to seek assistance from. You might not be asked but you must try to hold on an accountability over a task outside your assignment. Accountability is one of the major traits of a leader and every individual working in an organisation jostle to be one.

6. Relinquish and Work – Any organisation hires you on basis of your qualification and skill-set that you acquire and if it is suitable for the job to be filled in. Once you’re hired, you should be an asset to the company and there are times when your employer might need you to do something unfamiliar to the assignments you’re hired for. Now this is your time to excel and show up with your unexplored skills which might help you in getting something bigger and better. Be ready to part with things you’re comfortable at and always show an intent to work in an environment where you remain on top-of-the-list if any new tasks are to be assigned. You should all give a pat on your back that you’ve made it till now and shall certainly be leading in your areas over the time. Kudos to everyone contributing their part to organisations for the betterment and ensuring themselves as future leaders.

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