How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Losing hair is a natural occurrence and it can happen with anyone. This problem is mostly with girls because long hairs quickly tend to fall in comparison with short hairs of boys. Though as we tend to age, we see men getting bald sooner than women. Women seldom go bald and this trait can be attributed to our genes. Still, one-third of the world’s population has to deal with this problem of Hair fall daily and majorly the cause of this problem can be pollution, stress, improper intake of diet, and genetics but there is no need to worry because there is a solution to every problem.

Hence, instead of focusing and worrying about this, if you follow these steps you may recover your hair loss quickly: –

•Give gentle wash to your hairs daily:

Wash your hairs regularly and gently so that your hairs and scalp will stay clean which leads to a quick growth of your hairs. Even you can protect your hairs from infections of dandruff also by cleaning your hairs daily with gently wash.

•Intake of Vitamins and proteins are necessary:

Vitamins are very important part of your diet so as to keep your body strong and healthy and also intake of vitamins and proteins like fish, meats, and so on can improve your overall wellbeing even more better. Vitamin A improves production of sebum in your scalp which helps hairs to grow and vitamin B helps in maintaining your healthy hairs color. Hence, consuming vitamins and proteins can turn out be so beneficial for your hair growth.

•Massage your scalp with hair oil:

Hair loss can also be prevented by massaging your scalp with essential hair oil so that your hairs tendrils will get active and in addition to it, if you can add lavender in sesame oil or almond for quick growth of your hairs.

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•Don’t brush wet hairs:

Brushing wet hairs can increase chances if hair fall because hairs are in its weakest state when it is wet and so hairs can fall in a very heavy amount. But if you do so then use wide teeth comb to brush your hairs and use your fingers only to untangle your hairs so that you can prevent hair loss.

•Apply Onion, Garlic or Ginger juice:

Applying garlic, onion and ginger juice can also give you benefit of quick hair growth. You just have to apply it on you scalp before going to bed and leave it till morning. Then wash your hair in the morning and repeat it for one week to get noticeable effects.

•Drink maximum amount of water daily:

Water can solve your maximum problems related to your health. Hence, drink 6 to 8 glass of water daily and it will keep your body hydrated and your hairs can grow healthy and rapidly. Intake of water can also improve the quality of your hair.

•Don’t consume alcohol:

Growth of hairs can also be stopped due to consumption of alcohol so do not consume alcohol or alcohol related beverages and you will see the quick growth of your hairs and improvement in your health.

•Exercises are necessary:

Performing yoga exercises are not only fits your body but also helps your hair growth even more fast. Minimum 30 minutes of exercise can lessen your stress, balance your level of hormones and decreases hair fall.

•Stay with sweat free head:

If you keep your head sweated than there is a maximum chance that you will face heavy hair fall. Mostly men face hair loss due to their sweat head and your head can sweat if you wear helmet for more than 20 minutes or if you cover your head with anything. So, it is recommended that you should use that have some percentage of aloe Vera or neem because it keeps your head cool and also lessen dandruff.

•Decrease consumption of medicines:

Excessive medications can also lead to hair fall because some medicines have side effects which leads to hair loss. So, do not consume excessive medicines and if your doctor prescribes you then tell him not to prescribe you more medicines so that you can prevent your hair from heavy hair fall.

•Don’t apply chemicals on your head:

Chemicals like permanent hair color and harsh chemicals can also leads to hair fall and even damage your hairs. Especially while facing hair loss do not apply color on your hairs at all. Chemicals makes your hair rough as well and it have side effects also. Therefore, don’t apply any type of chemical on your hairs for any reason.

•Change your hair style:

Hair fall can also be the reason of how you style your hairs! Styles like ponytails, braids, and so on can ultimately cause heavy hair loss because while hair styling one needs to be push hairs again and again because hairs are not styled in one go. So, it can also be the reason of your hair fall hence change the way you style your hairs.

So, these are some steps mentioned above from which you can recover from heavy hair loss. If you follow these steps honestly then you will surely get to see the results in short time period and following these steps not only improve your hairs health but also it can improve your skin and health.

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