How to use Frozen Lemon?

Have you ever thought what magics can a frozen lemon can do?
It may sound a bit strange, but reality sounds different. It says that frozen lemons have some of the most amazing benefits to the body of human beings.
Let’s find out.
First of all, wash the lemons and keep them in the freezer. After 8 to10 hours, you will find that it has become hard. To make it usable, we need to first change its form…so we will shred it into thin parts. 
You can use it as a spread on any of your food. After adding the shredded lemon, the taste of the food will increase.
Lemon juice is found to be rich in vitamin C.
The lemon peels have the more than 5-10% percentage of Vitamin C which we simply just ignore and throw it away.
Lemon peels have an extra ordinary capability of taking out all the toxic Fluids out of the body.
Another shocking fact about lemon peel is that it helps in curing the cancer. Some people also believe that it is more than 20000 times effective than that of the chemotherapy.
It is also effective on bacterial infection and fungus.
It keeps the blood pressure as well as mental balance in control.
It is found to be equally effective as of 12 kinds of cancers that too without any side effects.
So, it is advised to use the lemon peel in prescribed manner, so as to stay healthy and cure many of the diseases.

Hence, it is a terrific idea and a nice innovation in the way we can use lemon or lemon juice to improve our health and fight deadly diseases by adding this wonderful natural medicine

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