Gym lovers, fitness enthusiasts and people who generally never miss a single workout have been facing this issue of gyms getting closed during lockdown in various countries across the globe. Their lives have been impacted economically and socially, but working out is something that can be done anywhere including ones own home. At a time like this when stress can really take a toll on one’s body. let us take a look on how to workout at home during covid-19 Lockdown ?


Pushup step

Push-up is a very simple yet effective exercise that emphasizes on mainly chest, triceps and core strength. It is also one of the simple workout at home during covid-19 lockdown. To perform a perfect push-up, a person needs to face downwards with his/her palms on the ground, parallel to the shoulders, arms straight and having a distance slightly more than shoulder width. The core/stomach region must remain tight throughout the movement, the spine must be straight with no bend from neck to foot and the body’s weight must fall on the two palms and all the fingers of the foot. 

After the correct position is achieved, simply go down by bending the arms till the tip of your nose almost touches the ground and then come up. This simple movement activates the upper, middle and lower pectoral region (chest), abdominals and oblique (core/abs) and all the three triceps heads (arms). Not only this, it has proven to increase the overall testosterone in men. There are various other forms of pushups that can be tried, e.g. inclined pushups, declined pushups, spider pushups, bar pushups etc. 

Start by doing 3 sets of 10 pushups daily and set a target of 4 sets of 30 pushups. If you already can reach this number, try to go for weighted pushups by keeping something heavy on your upper back. See to it that the weight you keep is not on your lower back and it is something soft like a rice bag so that it doesn’t leave scars later.



Lunges are very easy to perform but they are an amazing workout for your legs, glutes, core and balance. To perform a lunge, simply stand upright facing straight with both palms on the side of your waist and legs at a casual-standing distance. Start by putting one leg forward and bending another leg till the knee of the bending leg almost touches the floor. This must be done in a manner that the leg going forward makes a right angle (90 degree) on the knee. To understand this better, the thigh of the forward going leg must be parallel to the floor when the knee of the still foot almost touches the ground.

Once this position is reached, return to the original standing position and this constitute as one repetition. This movement helps in developing the quad and hamstring muscles (legs), gluteus maximus (hips), abdominals and obliques (core/abs) and greatly improves balance. It also increases ones metabolism helping to lose weight faster. Try jumping lunges and weighted lunges for a great workout.

For beginners, try doing 3 sets 15 reps for each leg and keep a target of 40 reps per leg for 4 sets. For an advanced workout, try holding weights that you can have a firm grip on, in both the hands. E. g. 5-5 liter milk cans/oil cans. Just make sure you keep equal weight in both the hands to avoid any imbalance while performing the movement.


Squats session

Your body will thank you because of the increased endurance, testosterone, metabolism and the overall feeling of well being if you do this exercise regularly. Body weight squat is one of the single best workouts that can be done at your home and this works your legs, abs and the lower back. 

Stand upright facing straight ahead with legs at shoulder-width distance, bent slightly in the knee area and arms either crossed, or at the sides. Start by going down till the thighs are just below the parallel position with the floor and then come up. This entire time your core/abs must be tight, the heel of both feet should never come off the ground and the shoulders must not slouch. 

For the ones trying this exercise for the first time, try doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions and keep a goal of 4 sets of 40 reps. The Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) will be off the charts once you develop a habit of doing this regularly and correctly every day. BMR is mainly responsible for burning fat while one is in a resting state. Hence, your body will become a fat burning furnace even while you sleep after completing this workout.


Plank posture

A plank, in general terms, is a flat piece of wood, and as the name suggests, this exercise is exactly like it. Plank is one of the easiest workout to be done during covid-19 lockdown. To perform this, one simply has to lie down facing the floor, with both elbows and foot fingers touching the floor. This is just like the pushup position except for the fact that we use elbows instead of palms. The arms have to be at shoulder distance and the body has to be straight from neck to heel of the feet. 

One simply has to hold this position for as long as they can while making sure the core is tight and the body is straight from neck to heel like a wooden plank, not bending anywhere. This strengthens your core, increases muscle definition, heightens metabolism, reduces back pain, gives you a better posture and much more.


For starters, try holding this position for 3 sets at 60 seconds hold each and keep a goal of 2 minutes for 3 sets. 

5.Bear Crawl:

Crawl step
Bear crawl

This one is a fun exercise and will make you look like a child having fun, but don’t get me wrong, this will test you to the limits and you will be thanking your stars that it is over since it will basically get all your muscles to work at the same time. This is done a lot by military personnel and athletes since it builds explosive power, endurance and requires a lot of sheer will.


In order to perform a Bear Walk, keep your hands on the ground about 2 feet in front of you while keeping your hips high in the air. Step forward with one of your hands while simultaneously stepping forward with the opposite foot. Then step forward with the other arm while moving the other foot. Continue to move forward in this manner like a crawling bear

Try doing a 20 meter walk for 3 sets as a beginner and set a target of 40 meters for 3 sets. You will start observing the results much before you are able to do 40 meters for 3 sets. Just breathe slowly throughout the set. 

These workouts are only a few but very important movements and must be practiced to bust stress as well as build a fit looking and feeling body. All these are compound movements, which mean that they work more than a single muscle and push you really hard. Now remember this principle; whatever pushes your body really hard stimulates growth in terms of muscle and fitness.

So work hard and keep growing !!!

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