The Kartarpur border is a Border corridor between two countries that is INDIA and PAKISTAN. This corridor is a long 4.7 KM distance. Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara is the place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji where he stayed and completed about 18 Years of his life. The Kartarpur Corridor was proposed in 1999 by the Prime ministers of India and Pakistan. The Corridor is reportedly be completed on the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in November 2019. As per the Agreement between India and Pakistan
5000 Pilgrims per day will be allowed to visit The Kartarpur gurudwara. The best part is that for this Yatra people do not require a VISA to enter Pakistan however some conditions are Applicable to visit the holy place.

Kartarpur is about 64 KM far from Amritsar by road and 38 Km Far by Rail. There are a few trains from Amritsar to Kartarpur. People who wish to visit Kartarpur have to do registration in advance. Once the registration is done they have to wait to get the visa Approved from the authorities. The Approval will be given 4 days in Advance so the pilgrims have to make there travel arrangements in advance to visit the Gurudwara.
Some of the restrictions are that pilgrims are allowed to visit gurudwara and have to return on the same day. The permission will be provided to visit gurudwara only. They can not get anywhere else. Pilgrims are allowed to carry maximum baggage of 7 Kg per person and that should be environment-friendly.

This Kartarpur corridor is a huge step taken by both the countries and its a nice step to spread peace and love.

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